Black Lives Matter By:J.Mackenzie Brewer

My topic is the Black Lives Matter Program. It's based on people that are African-American. It was made to help black lives because police officers (mostly white) are killing black men that are mainly innocent.

Killings have been protested by protests called "Ferguson Protest", "Baltimore Protest", also when a sniper killed officers in Dallas. The African-Americans that were killed, were named Freddie Gray,Michael Brown, Eric Garner. These men were killed by white police officers and the govenernent acted like nothing happened.

Police killed two black men in cars/traffic stops back to back July 5&6,2016. The black men names were Alton Sterling, and Philando Castile. These men were both unarmed and both were caught on camera. Philando Castile died in front of his wife and daughter.

To solve this they added body cameras to the police officers so that if something was caught on camera then they would be held accountable for their actions. They did this to see if it would resolve anything. The point is to protect all people, not white, not black, ALL.

Now the "Black Lives Matter" program is promoting black business to have more black places to shop is get stuff. They have paired with J.Walter Thompson and he thinks the same thing. "We aren't trying to save just African -Americans, we are trying save ALL races."

I think that there will be less African-American killings and it'll show in the statistics. I also think that giving officers body cameras was a terrific idea!

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