Weekly Progress Report

We started out with 5 topics about the Church of England (who made it, why it was made, reformations, type of clothing), but we realized most of the topics were either basically the same thing or were not important. So we got many different topics that we were all able to get a lot of very good facts/information (Cathrine of Aragon, Mary Tudor, How the act of supremacy affected the church, Henry VIII, How the Church of England is different than the Roman Catholic Church). We also finished citing our sources for all our topics. We have started talking about what are design is. We are not fully sure of what we are going to do but we will figure it out in the next couple classes.

As you can all see we are working hard getting information about our topics
As you can see Jeff is reading a book and writing it down on his iPad and Triston is reading from the databases

Nick was writing about the Church of England from then and now but later his topic got changed to Henry VIII.

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