How to survive 5th grade in Mrs. Kolff's class Jadyn Shull

One of the number one things in our class room is blogging, blogging is very fun but there are some expectations. One of the expectations are use appropriate pictures and don't use any bad word. The fun thing about blogging is that you get to listen to music and do a report about a TFK magazine. My favorite part about blogging is looking at other peoples blog's.
The one thing you need to know about Mrs.Kolff is when you get out of your seat when she is taking she hates it. If you get out of your seat when she is talking you will not survive. But really just dont get out of your seat when she is talking. One bad side about this rule is that you cant get up to talk to your friends. CLASS-"why do you not let us get out of our seats!" KOLFF-"BECAUSE I DON'T WANT YOU TO TALK TO YOUR FRIENDS!"
One thing that you do in fifth grade is go to Upham Woods. Now to survive Upham Woods all you have to do is listen and most of all HAVE FUN!
Our class is very competitive we love to win. But when we lose we have to be a good sports or else we have to clip down.

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