Fuel Free Sweden By Joshua frame

Why is it so important for Sweden to become the first country make the switch to all renewable resources? It’s important for Sweden to be the first country to go fuel free, so they can show other nations such as Britain, and the US how easy it is to go fuel free, In the the article Sweden Phases out fossil fuels in an attempt to run completely off of renewable energy, Samuel Osborne states that “The UK had the fourth lowest RES at 5.7 per cent, followed by Ireland with 8.2 per cent.” This is important for the Third world country of Sweden to show how easy it is to go duel free, and encourage other nations to do so. It’s very important for other countries to realize that it is easy to make the switch to all renewable resources, making the environment cleaner, and healthier for not only people, but for nature as well. One of Sweden’s prime minister's advisors states that “2015 is our opportunity, a chance to, in dialogue with all the countries of the world, change course towards a new development path where we can succeed in generating welfare for all, not at the planet’s cost but in cooperation with it.” This shows how the peoples of Sweden are willing to work with each and every country in the world to help stabilize our ecosystem, and for other countries economies as well. This is why it is important for Sweden to make the switch to all renewable resources.

What innovative breakthroughs have helped Sweden go fuel free, and how can it help change the future? One of the many helpful inventions is the world's first Biofuel train, according to Europe Developments “Sweden is taking a step towards reducing transport emission by introducing the world’s first train fuelled by organic waste.” This helps create fuel free transportation for those who can't afford electric cars. Another invention that helps “fuel” the economy is the Biogas power plant, according to Earthopolies “It fuels its automobiles with biogas made from capturing the energy in garbage, sewage, slaughterhouse waste and manure.” This means that they are able to power their cars, then using the access steam, power their homes, and heat their homes all in one biofuel plant. These are some of the innovative breakthroughs and how they can help change the future.

Why is does Sweden feel responsible to go fuel free? Sweden feels that it’s their responsibility to go fuel free, to show the rest of the countries that they too need to take priority in going fuel free, according to Åsa Romson “ Rich countries have a duty to take the lead in combating climate change, as established in the UN Convention on Climate Change. Quite simply, some countries are in a more favourable position, and should therefore take a greater share of the responsibility for reducing emissions. In this way, we will do our part to ensure a good future for ourselves, our children and future generations on this planet.” This shows that it’s not only Sweden’s responsibility, it’s everyone's. To encourage eco friendly transportation Sweden has created new modes of transportation that are discounted, according to Jason Margolis “Besides congestion pricing, Stockholm has other sticks to keep people out of their cars — parking is expensive and gas is heavily taxed.” This encourages using eco friendly modes of transportation such as the biofuel train, or bikes, or simply just walking. This is why Sweden feels responsible for going fuel free.

How will Sweden manage to go fuel free? Sweden is planning to spend millions, and get rid off all non renewable resources. According to Cynthia Shannon “The country is focused on increasing its solar and wind energy capacity, and the intent for its transport industry is to gradually become more sustainable (and presumably switch fully to electric and human-powered transport). Last year, Sweden announced plans to make Stockholm, the country’s capital, fossil fuel–free by 2050.” This means that Sweden will have to advance their research into renewable resources funding, and create a plethora of jobs and opportunities for the unemployed. The prime minister of Sweden has promised to pay a fortune to achieve their goal, According to Anna Hirtenstein “Sweden said it’s targeting to become one of the first nations in the world to be free of fossil fuels and that it will invest 4.5 billion kronor ($546 million) in climate-protection measures next year as a step toward that goal.” This means that Sweden will be spending most of their income to achieve this goal, which in turn improves their living conditions, and helps create jobs. This is how Sweden will manage to go fuel free.

How much money must be spent to achieve the goal of Fuel Free? Sweden is willing to spend most of its global income to go completely fuel free, according to Ryan Hewett “390 million kronor per year between 2017 and 2019 in photovoltaics, with a plan to spend 1.4 billion kronor in total, 50 million kronor annually on electricity storage research, 10 million kronor on smart grids, 1 billion kronor to renovate residential buildings and make them more energy efficient, Subsidies and investment in green transportation such as electric cars and buses, Increase funding of climate-related projects in developing countries, raising its budget to 500 million kronor.” This means that Sweden is willing to spend at least 952.4 Million Kronor to achieve their goal of becoming the first country to go fuel free. Swede has also backed several companies that are investing in fuel free alternatives, according to the Swedish government website “One example is the Wallenstam property company, which decided in 2006 to invest in green electricity – both for its own operations and also for tenants and other customers. In 2013, Wallenstam became the first property company in Sweden to be fully self-sufficient in renewable energy.” This shows that Sweden is supporting companies that are making the switch to go fuel free. This is how much money Sweden is willing to spend to achieve it’s goal of going fuel free.



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