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Habit of mind: Curiosity

In this past week of Accelerated Composition, we covered the different rhetorical devices - ethos, pathos, and logos - and began discussing the monster and villain roles. One of the assigned pieces was the video of "I am a Gamer". This video was simply a person reading their paper, which had an overriding theme of gamers being looked upon as "weirdos" or "losers". I personally do not care what people do on their free time, and if you happen to be a gamer you shouldn't care about what you do either. The author of this essay completely overdramatized people's perceptions of gamers and even compared it to racism. Last time I checked, Hispanics, African Americans, or any other race for that matter did not choose to that specific race. Gamers, have the choice to be a gamer or not. I am not justifying people making fun of people who play video games, but this comparison was almost ridiculous. In a Jimmy Kimmel episode, he lightly made fun of gamers (specifically people watching other gamers) in a joking way. Some people responded in extreme ways, not taking it lightly whatsoever. The article below describes that when gamers respond in overreactive ways, it just creates a bad image for them. They should be able to enjoy their games without worrying about what others think. I have never even thought of gaming culture being something people heavily made fun of, so this video piqued my curiosity in the subject and why the author was so defensive toward the subject. In the other assigned reading, "Superman and Me", the academic life of Indians, or Native Americans, is the main theme. It was said that they usually settle for an unfulfilling, average life, but the author Sherman Alexie wasn't going to settle for that. It seems to be a large issue today with Native American children and their academic success. As stated in the article below, their graduation rate is 67%, far below the national average of 80%. This nation wide dilemma has recently been brought to the government's attention, but their efforts to fix this issue is still underway. No matter how much work they put into increasing Native American's willingness to learn, they will never fully succeed unless the students become self motivated. Alexie recognized this fact in his piece and brings it up when describing the students in the back who ignore him with "theatrical precision" (Alexie 112). I became curious about this reading because I happen to know of a Native American who lives on a reservation near my hometown and he happens to be attending a very esteemed college. I suppose that not all Native Americans have no motivation, but it just surprised me that this person was highly motivated and wanting to learn. After researching this topic, it is now evident that this is a legitimate problem and government intervention could definitely help.

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