Two teenagers recycle and purchase Goodwill children clothes with the funds made and use their fashion and sewing skills to sew patches and designs onto the clothing and in the end... donate them to orphanages! Time to give back to our community!


A 2017 High School Graduate from Canyon Springs. An accepted student to the fashion design major at FIDM Los Angeles for Summer 2017

Who is ADX?

A 2017 High School Graduate from Canyon Springs. An accepted student to the fashion design major at FIDM Los Angeles for Summer 2017.

What is your goal?

My two goals for the 20% project is to further my sewing skills by applying designs on the thrift store clothing and to donate from 5-10 clothing, such as jackets, sweaters, and shirts to child cares or to an orphanage.

Why L E N E O N A D X?

I've teamed up with my peer, Arlene, to create a project that gives back to not just us, but to our community especially. Arlene has always wanted to recycle all her bottles and cans at home, but quite never had the chance to do so. I have always wanted to begin sewing and designing but couldn't find the time. Because my college dream now became a reality and I became a FIDM accepted student into the fashion design major, I would like to enter the campus in the summer with a mindset of some understanding of the sewing concepts before being instructed the beginning steps.

The purpose of this project is to demonstrate teamwork that will be essential to after high school and create a project in these couple of weeks that will leave us taking in a breathe knowing we gave back to our city of Moreno Valley!

How are we documenting this project?

Arlene and I will be posting occasionally onto our blog posts to allow viewers to see our growth from the project. For example, Arlene's increase in the recycling process and my effort and practicing in designing logos onto the clothing we will donate.

Blog #2

I began for searching patches on amazon to sew onto the denim jackets. I then looked up sewing tutorials to get an idea on what I can personally sew on the clothing.

Blog #3

My partner, Arlene and I, spoke to Miss Beaman to present our pitch and how our progress is going. She then led us to a new direction and gave us an idea on how we can approach the donations. She had suggested to ask our mentor if he knew any shelters willing to accept our clothing because Charles James worked with a plentiful in these years.

Blog #4

I got in touch with Charles James, who I have known since my freshman year and is the head of the Interact Club here at Canyon Springs regarding if he could be our mentor. He accepted and we informed him on what this project will consist of.


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