Countries Presented by Biyon Hewa and assigned by JaMes Hart

The population of canada is 65,626,083

The Current weather in Canada is -4 degrees

The most significant landform is Rocky Mountains because you can mountain bike, whitewater rafting and raft a river

This is whitewater rafting

The languages you can learn in Canada are English , American and French

Some food is Kechup Fries, beaver tails and butter tarts


In Canada if you travel to California using a car it would take 40 hours But if you fly in a plane it takes 4 hours

In Canada the difference within 100 years were clothing because in Canada they used to wear formal stuff like gowns and suits.

Hope u enjoyed my presentation on Canada

This is my presentation on England

England has a population of 50 million

The weather in England is 10 degrees

Top three places to go in England is Stonehenge, Roman Baths And Yorkshire Dales.


The capital city of England is London

In England the main sport is Football/soccer

In England their are a lot of tasty food like Shepards pie, fish and chips

That's delicious😋

In England the difference within 💯 years were Clothing (again) because they used to wear the same as Canada which is suits for men and gowns for women

England and Canada are some of the best places to go on holiday because there is lots to do over there. In England you can discover many things and go to the Stonehenge. In Canada you can go to the Canadian Rockies and build rafts go kayaking and rock climb . Those are things you can do in those two countries.

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Biyon Hewa Dewage


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