5 Greek components And the 3 most important ones


The first Greek city was Corinth, it was in a tiny slip of land and was a good place for sea trading, they made a lot of money. The location was a great way to trade, this dramatically made this land a great living place. Greece also had lots of mountains and hills along with rivers.

Class divisions

Greek citizenship was where everyone that was a man had right to fight in court, and own land, they had rights, but not women and children, they pretty much molded the way we use democracy today. Other civilizations used oligarchs or Monarchy where only one or 3 people had power.

Art Greeks did comedy, tragedy, and a bunch of other things that people do today, this led to the Hellenistic era, the Greek culture spread EVERYWHERE, to Asia minor, to all of the other lands. Art changed Greece, it caused many famous artists to appear.

The Greeks Believed in many gods such as Zeus, the god of the sky, and Poseidon, the god of the sea. The Greeks would burn food, as offering, and would worship them, like the Spartans would worship Areas, the god of war. This gave them tins of confidence for battle believing that someone is there for them.

The Greeks made an alphabet that sounds like ours, except it was written differently. I will translate a sentence in Greek: Milo είναι φοβερό

I hope you enjoyed and learned more about this!!!


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