Canbury School Newsletter 19th June 2020. issue 208

Dear Parents, Students and Staff

Well done to everyone, staff and students, for successfully setting and completing our end of year assessments remotely this week. Assessments can be stressful enough in school never mind remotely so you have all been superb yet again stepping up to another huge change and overcoming it. That is another tick in the 'Canbury Can Do' tick box!

I am really looking forward to our virtual 'Getting Ready for Canbury' morning next Wednesday when our new Year 7 for September join us to find out who is in their year group and learn about being at Canbury. Nothing stops us from getting on with whatever life throws at us.

Our second virtual Canbury Quiz is being held next Friday 26th June starting at 7.00pm. The theme is “Dress to Impress” The weather forecast is indicating it’s going to be scorcher so I might even put my posh frock on and have a couple of cocktails in the garden whilst doing it - who’s going to join me?

I'm also very much looking forward to the Canbury Cake Day on Tuesday 30th June - hopefully both in and out of school, so that everyone can join in as they wish. The plan is for everyone to enjoy cake (or an alternative snack) and a chat either socially distanced in the playground (weather permitting) or at home on our chromebooks. Exact timings to follow. You can make, bake, dress up, draw, paint, knit, model a cake for the day. Photos to Mrs Bate for the newsletter please.

The following week it's the 'Canbury’s Got Talent' show! Thursday 2nd July is a must for your diary. Send in your recordings of you and your amazing talent to reception@canburyschool.co.uk by midnight on Tuesday 30th June, so we can show the whole school and everyone gets to vote who wins! We might even have our Canbury’s own CGT judges to give us their views . . .NO LATE ENTRIES ACCEPTED!

Finally, Mrs Rich will be sending out the full schedule of the last week of the term next week - we’ve got some surprises for you!

Kind regards

Ms Clancy



Students of the week

Year 7

All of year 7 for the mature and determined approach towards the mathematics examination this week.

Year 8

Well done to Zac, Flora, Anders, Connor, Carl, Ross and Adam for all meeting or exceeding their year 8 target in the Mathematics examination - your hard work has paid off.

Year 9

Shaaiyon for achieving 852 points on Dr Frost Maths this week.

Otti, Harry, Lauren, Shaaiyon, Alannah, Phoebe and Emilia for their hard work whilst preparing for the mathematics examination this week.

Year 10

Evie for achieving 843 points on Dr Frost Maths this week.

All of Year 10 for their hard work revising, and effort applied, in the Mathematics papers this week.

Year 12

Congratulations to Felix, Luca and Jasmina for their fabulous - and very colourful - Mind Maps.

Top tips and reflections - what can you be grateful for today? Seeing my Mum in the park (2 meters apart of course!). Mrs Freeman.


Mrs Porter has been impressed with the effort and focus of all students who have completed their end of year examinations in Spanish this week, from the Year 7 group experiencing these for the first time, Year 8 and 9 completing these remotely for the first time, to Year 10 students sitting GCSE past papers. Well done everyone!

What tickles your fancy?

So now we all know nothing is impossible during lockdown, we're excited to unveil details of the virtual work experience sessions which we are bringing to Canbury next month.

It's often said if you do a job you have a passion about, you'll never do a day's work. So if YOU have a passion which you want to turn into your career, or indeed if you have not a clue about what you want to do in the years ahead, then this week of virtual work experience is definitely for you.

The week will be delivered through an app via the company Changing Education who are leaders in school work experience placements. Your son or daughter in Years 10 or 12 will shortly be receiving information to their school emails about how to sign up for this experience which will take place from 6th to 10th July.

Here's just a few of the speakers they will hear from:

Monty Panesar - Ex-England international cricketer

Richard Browning - Inventor & entrepreneur

Sophie Darlington - BAFTA-winning wildlife filmmaker

Anna Hemmings - two-time Olympian.

We do hope you will encourage your child to take part!

Top left, clockwise - Anna, Monty, Sophie and Richard. Nice work if you can get it.

Top tips and reflections - I looked after myself by: Taking breaks in between my revision so that I don't too tired. Ain. 

Wall sit challenge...just two have nailed their colours to the mast so far!

Congratulations to Felix and Seb who have been busy perfecting their wall sit challenges during lockdown. Seb is on 3:04 on the clock, but Felix is just ahead with 3:16! What's 12 seconds people? There's still all to play for. The challenge is open until we break up so still time to perfect your stance. What are you waiting for?

Talking of Seb, here he is pausing during football skills practise after engaging in a 10 minute yoga apanasana leg workout which is where you pull your leg into your chest and out again. Fit and healthy = happy!

Top tips and reflections - I looked after myself by: Listening to a podcast. Mrs Bowen.

If you do one thing this weekend....

Lose yourself into the world of painted portraits at the BP Portrait Award 2020 Exhibition. Yes it's true! This year's portrait awards have gone online, and believe us, this is one online activity EVERYONE will enjoy looking at.

Selected from 1,981 entries by artists from 69 countries around the world, the BP Portrait Award 2020 represents the very best in contemporary portrait painting.

It's free, you can linger at any painting for as long as you like and you won't have to queue for anything. In addition you can rest assured that the obligatory trip to the coffee shop at the end of your visit will be safe - after all, it will be you preparing your own hot drink and cake! Let us know if you went - you really won't regret it: https://www.npg.org.uk/whatson/bp-portrait-award-2020/virtual-exhibition

Top tips and reflections - what can you be grateful for? That I and all my family and friends are fit and healthy. Mrs Rich. 

Take time out to help you and your child

We all want to help the autistic children we love and care for, and now with more of us spending more time at home, come four handy zoom webinars on what that help might look like. Led by a specialist team from Options Autism, each of the webinars will explore a different aspect of the condition. Language and communication, social and emotional development, sensory processing and motor difficulties, and patterns of behaviour will all be looked at with suggestions for the approaches which can make a real difference. Take a look at the website - it may just be another useful tool you may wish to consider using: https://www.autismlearns.co.uk/intervention-therapies/

No Clancy's Citchen Cookery Club this week as the assessments made it just too difficult to organise. Ms Clancy is busy thinking up her recipe for next Thursday and details will be sent out via email. In the meantime here's Angus who makes pizza for the family EVERY Friday, and Chris who baked some delicious looking chocolate chip vanilla and pecan cookies. Well done gents. You look like you have it all under control!

Wildlife corner

Mrs Branney's been our Forrest Gumping again.....she spotted a boat called Louise and some beautiful wild poppies, and Mrs Knivett went on safari in Richmond Park. It's good to be out in the fresh air!