Tomb of Hadrian By: Joshua LEe and Brendan FOlan

Hadrian ordered the construction in 134 and it was finished by his adopted son, antoninis Pius, in 139, after Hadrian had died
Hadrian ordered construction of the tomb for himself, and other emperors after him
today it is a decorated cylindrical structure, the same as before. But it no longer has a statue of Hadrian, or any vegetation growing in top
This is what the mausoleum is believed to look like. Trees on top, Statue of Hadrian riding a chariot above
The mausoleum has not been structurally remodeled, and just looks like a more worn down version of the original.
  • In hic locum, Hadrianos sepelius est
  • In hic locum, romanis sepelit Handrianos

This Tomb was used for many purposes besides a resting place. The mausoleum was used as a fortress since it is tall, sheer, and sturdy. After the Aurelian wall was built and before the Ostrogoths sacked Rome, is was fully incorporated into Rome's defenses. Also it became papal fortress during the time of the Vatican when in times of trouble through the use of an elevated walkway. The common name for this fortress was Castel S. Angelo.

Created By
Joshua Lee


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