How we take Electricity for granted By: Jeffrey Betzold

One important thing we take for granted is electricity. Electricity is a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (electrons or protons), it is an important part of our lives because it powers almost every thing we use every day. In this project i am going to explain how much electricity can effect you at a basic use of it.

For some students a normal school day, the alarm clock is programmed to go off early in the morning. Hot water from an electric water heater is needed for a shower. There are electric lights in every room. The microwave or stove can be used for breakfast Your school clothes are washed and dried in electric appliances. Whatever food we need can usually be found in the fridge and freezer. The electric toothbrush runs on batteries. The running water is powered by electricity. The electric garage door opener is used for coming and going from the house. The gets fueled up at the electronically powered-pump at the gas station.

The school building and the areas surrounding it are well lit. The intercom is played over a school - wide system. You enter from the cold outside - into nice warm halls provided by electric heating.

When school starts some teachers use overhead projectors to show important information and assignments. Several, if not most of the classes require the use of a personal laptop. Science classes are equipped with microscopes and other necessary equipment. In other class rooms there are desktop computers. Between classes; the intercom broadcasts music and announcements. In the cafeteria it is equipped with the I.D. card scanners, otherwise, you have to pay with cash. The food is kept hot or cold, as needed for lunches. The water fountains operate because of electric pump.

Traffic lights are there for the trip home and the automatic lights are on when you get there. (These are an important invention that came out of having electricity because they make driving a lot safer for everyone).

When you walk into the house, it is warm. The many electrically-powered objects in the home include phones, television, gaming systems, dishwasher, coffee maker, toaster, microwave, stove, and power tools for building things. Often, those typical items are taken for granted. It never occurs to us to consider how life would be without them.

In conclusion: in our daily lives we depend on electricity. In this time period that we live in our society has thrived and progressed because of it. If it wasn't for electricity we would still be living with conditions endured by our great, great grandparents.


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