Digital Photography BY: IBaheem chahin

This first picture demonstrated abstract photography. I contrasted and focused it on the center of the photo. I like the wavy look and the dark inside and vivid outside.
My second abstract photo was white and brown when it started. I increased the brightness and exposure. I like how the bright white and the darker brown look together.
This edited billboard looks as if it came out of a cartoon. I did this by blurring it. This si my favorite picture, especially because it looks completely different from the original picture.
This picture of Enris woking hard with his partner Jad, portrays his hard work and determination during class.
This pictures shows Tyler's silly personality.
My final documentary picture of Mr. Zawlocki shows his concentration on his teaching and projects he is working on.
My first texture picture shows the detail and soft texture of a knitted pencil holder. I focused it on one place to show the detail in the pattern of the pencil holder.
This close-up picture of sandpaper shows its gnarly and unique texture. I like how it goes from darker to lighter to see the hidden features in the sand paper.
My final and favorite texture picture shows a tube connecting from a machine to the vent to clean them room. The saw dust went covered the tube and makes the texture even more beautiful. It is my favorite because it shows the bumpy surface of the tube and the saw dust close up.
My first advertisement is persuading the audience to buy the markers with the quote saying that it is two in one. I brightened it to make it more visually appealing, especially to younger viewers.
This is my favorite advertisement photo because of the glare on the side of the honey jar cap. I brightened it to bring out the yellow and make the glare more visible.
My final advertisement is advertising the eos hand lotion. I included a feminine font for the feminine audience. The flowers are to bring out the girly look and I contrasted it to make the purple more vivid.
This is my first portrait picture of Kareem. I focused it on his face to bring attention to it.
This is another portrait picture of Tim. I also focused it on his face to bring attention to his flawless skin. The bokeh circles also blur the background.
This is my final portrait picture of my teacher, Mrs. Donahue. I faded the outside to bring attention to her face. Her thumbs up show her happy personality.
My first reflection picture shows the ground and a tree in the reflection located in the courtyard. I contrasted it to make the green on the grass brighter.
This is my second reflection photo. I tinted it and used cross product to change the white to make it darker and more unique from other wooden pictures.
This is my favorite reflection photo, along with bing my final reflection photo. It is almost as if looking through the books. I also used cross product for this picture to make it darker and more visually appealing.
This perspective photo looks like I am falling and trying to grab Devin's hand. He was on the stage while I was laying down on the ground, each of us reaching for the others hand. I made it black and white to make it go along with the picture because I did not reach Devin's hand and "falling".
This perspective picture of Kareem kneeling supposedly holding Micah then holding Tim. The closer a person gets the bigger they get, which makes it look like Kareem's hand can hold Micah and Tim.
This is my last perspective picture of Devin protecting himself from being stomped on. I tinted it to black and took the shade of from Devin so it is focusing on him.
This is my favorite picture out of all the pictures I have edited. This is because it resembles a real Discover magazine cover. It took a long time to edit and put in the name and articles. The articles happened at that time and could be on a magazine covers because they are science related. I asked if Taner could be used as my model, because he is very interested in Science and would look perfect for a magazine cover.
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Ibraheem Chahin

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