Elon Musk Founder of Paypal, owner of Telsa, Space X

Elon Musk has been revolutionary in many fields such as space travel with regular flights to the International Space Station, and the ability to reuse rockets. This made history in 2016 when Elon Musk team successfully launched and landed his Falcon 9

Elon is a master when it comes to recognizing new markets, and developing existing products for the ordinary person. Tesla cars are a good example as it adds class and looks to a very economic performance

The strategy he use is ideas that seem too big to be real such as landing humans on mars by the early 2020's

A few challenges that Elon faces with such mighty task like putting someone on Mars is that there is competition such as NASA which plans to land on Mars by 2030

The greatest advantage of being in the field of space exploration is that there is no limitations when you successfully start up. This is a unique field with a few competitors.

Elon has advanced our society by renewing what John F. Kennedy did for the moon landings. This spark fuels our desire to go places that were once impossible a hundred years ago.

SpaceX has sparked NASA to fund new exploration funding and a greater desire to study what is around earth

We can learn from Elon's determination to do what no company can do, be a trailblazer and a person who inspires what people would consider science fiction


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