WORSHIP SUNDAYS 11am and 6.30pm


This is our bigger gathering, and tends towards a more lively, modern approach to worship. We're not a fancy church, we don't aim to create a concert (although we do try to sound good), or use all the latest technologies (although we often use multimedia), in fact we like to keep it all quite simple.

What can you expect on a Sunday morning?

You can expect to be in a worshipful, prayerful, thoughtful, inspirational environment, in which the worship of God, and gathering around his word is central. Inevitably there is always a pattern to worship services, there are certain things we always want to do; at BCBC however a morning worship service can be a bit of mixed bag, with different styles, a huge breadth of worship songs, congregation interaction, multi-voice leadership, and more. We seek to be a true family together, and so our young people always join us for opening worship before they might leave for their own sessions, and they are always present at communion services. It is not at all unusual to find a young voice leading or sharing in some way during a service. You can expect to be in a worshipful, prayerful, thoughtful, inspirational environment, in which the worship of God, and gathering around his word is central.

The first week of any month is usually an 'All Age Service'. The children remain throughout and we aim to have activities and worship which feeds the whole family at some level. Often a little bit chaotic, and always hoping to be a lot of fun, we hope to communicate the Gospel and grow faith across the whole congregation.

The third week of the month is usually our Communion service. Participation in Communion is open to all who sincerely love the Lord Jesus, and so if you are visiting us for a one off then relax, you're very much a part of the family for the time you're with us and welcome to share in this most beautiful of acts. The young people usually remain throughout the service.

Young people's sessions happen on a second and fourth Sunday following opening worship. Led by experienced group leaders the sessions aim to be fun, drawing on creativity as well as speaking to enable faith to be nurtured in young lives. Where there is a fifth Sunday in a month this will usually focus around the subject of 'mission'.

What can you expect on a Sunday evening?

This is our smaller gathering, and as such it tends towards a simpler, more personal time together. Worship might or might not be accompanied by musicians, and there's rarely anything fancy in terms of multimedia; however, that detracts nothing from the worship or experience of God. Scripture, Preaching, and Prayer are central to every service.

The first Sunday of the month is our evening Communion service. This tends to be less wordy and more prayer filled, with many voices sharing something short to inspire and bless the congregation.

A word of caution however, we are exploring how we can shake things up a bit. This means we may not be at the church building on some occasions as we have decided to take 'church' to one of our older folk's homes as they can't make it to church anymore. As we know more we'll keep this page updated.


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