Jeff's WATER CYCLE WAter cycle

One day there was a water droplet named Jeff at the River. There was a murderer in the village. Then Jeff decided to go and live at another village called Ground water. But it took 540 years just to get there.

It was really fun traveling to a new place and I'm trying to make new friends but I couldn't because they would be spook when I Said there was a killer at my neighborhood.

Hi my name his Jeff

But I saw the exact same guy that was in my neighborhood but then he just looked at me and just put another guy in his sack which really scared me because he just dragged him in his sack then he just ran. I got really scared so I ran as fast as I could to my house.

"Help me please"!!
I'm out of here!!!

Then I just ran as fast as I could and I did not turn around. But all I could hear was the guy yelling for help and I try to help but I was to scared. Then I just went to my house and locked both of my doors and barricaded the windows. The next day I noticed that I was floating in the air which I just noticing I was evaporating and then these little tiny particles just went in my body. But then I just turned into a gas which is condensation.

But then I just went into a cloud and we were really bugging him. Until he got really mad and just let us fall down.

Bye bye

It felt good to leave because it was time for me to get back to the water.

Bye bye cloud!!!

But then I realized I just fell off the cloud which took longer than I thought. But I just realized it's called precipataion. But I got really mad when I fell back into the River. I just cried until I couldn't cry anymore.


The End.

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