ARSEN PETROSYAN is a young duduk master numerously awarded for his talent. He lives in Charentsavan, Armenia.

Seen as a musical prodigy, he has initially started his studies at the age of six, learning the “shvi” (Armenian wind instrument) with mentor Krikor Khachtryan.

He was graduated from the State Conservatory Komitas (Yerevan, Armenia) where he’s studied with famous duduk master Gevorg Dabaghyan. Despite his relative young age (he was born in 1994), Arsen Petrosyan is an accomplished professional musician who has toured in the United-States, Russia, Canada, India, UK, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Spain (Canary Islands), Poland, France, Central Asia, Abu Dhabi, South Africa, Republic of Georgia as well as in his own country.

He is currently soloist of the Jnar Armenian Traditional Music Ensemble (Yerevan), as well as in his own ensemble recently created, the "Arsen Petrosyan Trio" and "Arsen Petrosyan Quartet".

He has appeared on international media such as Medici.tv, Arte, WDR, BBC Persian.

Arsen Petrosyan goes beyond the boundaries of traditional music (Armenian). He invites his audience to travel toward countries far beyond Armenia : the world is his oyster. His diverse collaborations are here to prove it.



Solo Duduk Concert in Yerevan 2016

COncerts/COLLABORATIONS (2020/2015)


Duduk Quartet (Barbarakirche Moers, Germany, March 15th 2020)

Duduk Quartet (Werkstatt Fur Selbstverteidigung Essen, Germany, March 14th 2020)

Duduk Quartet (Dorfkirche Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany, March 13th 2020)

Duduk Quartet (Duisburger Akzente Duisburg, Germany, March 12th 2020)

Duduk Quartet (XOX-Theater Kleve, Germany, March 11th 2020)

Arsen Petrosyan Quartet (Assembly Hall of the University of Tartu Tartu, Estonia, March 7th 2020)

Arsen Petrosyan Quartet (Stallet Stockholm, Sweden, March 6th 2020)

A.G.A Trio (Maksim Gorki Theater Berlin, Germany, January 19th 2020)


A.G.A Trio (Q1, Bochum, Germany, November 29th 2019)

A.G.A Trio (Djazz, Duisburg, Germany, November 28th 2019)

A.G.A Trio (Centro Sociale, Hamburg, Germany, ​November 24th 2019)

A.G.A Trio (OMM Mannheim, Germany, November 22th 2019)

A.G.A Trio (Kulturbrauerei Maschinenhaus, Berlin, Germany, November 21th 2019)

Making Tracks (UK Tour, November 2019)

King's Place (London, UK, November 17th 2019)

Norwich Arts Centre (Norwich, UK, ​ November 16th 2019)

St George's (Bristol, UK, November ​15th 2019)

The Stables (Milton Keynes, UK, ​ November 14th 2019)

The Queen's Hall (Edinburgh, UK, November ​10th 2019)

The National Centre For Early Music (York, UK, ​November 8th 2019)

Lincoln Performing Arts Centre (Lincoln, UK, ​ November 7th 2019)

Firth Hall, (Sheffield, UK ​ November 6th 2019)

Cambridge Junction (Cambridge, UK, ​ November 5th 2019)

The North Wall (Oxford, UK,​ November 4th 2019)

Feast of Trumpets CTICC Auditorium (Cape Town, South Africa, September 30th 2019)

Arsen Petrosyan Quartet at CPH World Music Festival (Copenhagen, Denmark, September 6th 2019)

Arsen Petrosyan Quartet at Sharq Taronalari Festival (Samarkand, Uzbekistan, August 28th 2019)

Salon Volant (Mijoux, France, August 11th 2019)

Arsen Petrosyan & Mahaleb, Maison des Artistes (Chamonix, France, August 9th and 10th 2019)

Arsen Petrosyan & Jenny Bliss Trio Pepperhill Barn (Taunton, UK, May 26th, 2019)

Arsen Petrosyan & Alexis Paul (Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain Paris, France, May 16th 2019)

Arsen Petrosyan & Nykko Gregoire (St. Luke's Church Hodnet, UK, May 12th 2019)

Arsen Petrosyan & Nykko Gregoire (St. Michael's Church Madeley, UK, May 11th 2019)

Arsen Petrosyan & Nykko Gregoire (United Reformed Church Sutton Coldfield, UK, May 8th 2019)

Performance dedicated to Charle's Aznavour (Salle Salvador Allende, Lille, France, May 5th 2019)

Arsen Petrosyan & Benjamin Straehli (Notre Dame de Pellevoisin, Lille, France, May 3th 2019)

Arsen Petrosyan performing Assyrian Folk Music (British Museum London, UK, February 22th 2019)

Arsen Petrosyan feat. Gharana Ethno Fusion Band (Naregatsi Art Institute, Yerevan, Armenia, February 15th 2019)

Solo Performance, Cinema Paradiso (St Martin-en-Haut, Lyon, France, January 27th 2019)

Workshop, Meyzieu Conservatory (Lyon, France, January 25th 2019)

Arsen Petrosyan & Mahaleb, La Boîte à Gants (Lyon, France January 24th 2019)

Arsen Petrosyan & Jenny Bliss Trio, St. James Wine Vaults (Somerset, UK, January 18th 2019)

Arsen Petrosyan & Jenny Bliss Trio, North Curry Methodist Church (Somerset, UK, January 17th 2019)

Arsen Petrosyan & Jenny Bliss Trio, St. Benedict's Church (Glastonbury, UK, January 17th 2019)

Arsen Petrosyan & Jenny Bliss Trio, Norwegian Church (London, UK, January 16th 2019)

Arsen Petrosyan feat.Jenny Bliss, Lori Secanska & Yair Avidor, Green Note (London, UK, January 15th, 2019)

Arsen Petrosyan & Jenny Bliss, Bishops house, Elizabethan museum (Sheffield, UK, January 13th 2019)

Solo Recital feat. Nykko Gregoire, SOAS University (London, UK, January 11th 2019)


Arsen Petrosyan Trio, Tansen Samaroh Festival (India, December 27th 2018)

Arsen Petrosyan feat. Alvaro Suarez (" Design Hotels ARENA 2018 " Copenhagen, Denmark, October 11th, 2018)

Arsen Petrosyan featuring Suzy Adamyan, Natalia Fomicheva Roman Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Astrakhan, Russia, September 21th-23th 2018)

Arsen Petrosyan Quartet (Lutheran Church, Moscow, Russia August 25th 2018)

Arsen Petrosyan Quartet (Art Deco Museum, Moscow, Russia, August 23th 2018)

Arsen Petrosyan Quartet (Moscow State Conservatory, Rakhmaninov Hall, Russia August 22th 2018)

Concert at Cafe Engels (Berlin, Germany, June 15th 2018 )

Concert at ConcertKirken (Copenhagen, Denmark, June 10th 2018)

Concert at St. Augustins church (Copenhagen, Denmark, June 9th 2018)

Concert at Hjällbo church (Gothenburg, Sweden, June 5th 2018)

France Tour April-May 2018 (Extract of the concert with MAHALEB, , Lyon, France, April 12th 2018)

Video clip with Loukia Valasi (Athens, Greece april 2018)

Concert with Deniz Mahir Kartal and Mikail Yakut (Berlin, Germany, March 25th 2018)

Performance with the Szczecin Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra (Szczecin, Poland March 23th 2018)

Duo concert with Piotr Rakowski (Stargard Poland, March 22th 2018)

Guest as duduk player in " Waves of My Life " by Emirati Composer Ihab Darwish Abu Dhabi festival (United Arab Emirates, March 14th 2018)

Video recording with guitar maestro Iakovos Kolanian (Athens, March 7th 2018)

Concert Tour Norway/Denmark January/February 2018


Concert with State Youth Orchestra of Armenia conducted by Sergey Smbatyan (5th Khachaturian International Festival) at Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall, the concert was live streamed on Medici.tv (Yerevan, Armenia, December 11th 2017 )

Concert with Nikkö Gregoire (UK) (Charentsavan, Armenia November 20th 2017)

Video-Clip with director Robert Weitzner (United-States, October 2017)

Concert with Danny S. Lundmark at Böcek Cafe in Moda (Istanbul, Turkey, september 12th 2017)

Recording for the album of singer/composer Abigail Rooley (Scotland, August 2017)

Concert with Gurumiran DJ/ Electro-rock musician, and apparition in his documentary produced by “Red Bull" (Lebanon, July 2017)

Recording for " Liquid Bloom project " and " Re.Generation " album of chamanism music with "Amani's Friends" (United-States, April 2017)

Recording for Singer/composer Henry Tozer (United Kingdom, February 2017)

Duet Concerts with singer/composer Lilith Guégamian (France, January 2017)


Solo Duduk Concert (Komitas Chamber Music House Yerevan, Armenia, November 4th 2016)

Recordings for the Album " Rejoice " of singer Abigail Winzer (Christmas Carols, United-States, November 2016)

Concerts of sacred music, Organ, Duduk, and Dance (Orgue en Ville festival, Besançon, France, July 2016)

Duduk Concert with Organ (Cathedral Notre Dame Bourg-en-Bresse, France, June 7th 2016)

Solo Duduk Concert (Beirut, Lebanon, June 4th 2016)

Concert with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenia (Yerevan, Armenia, April 10th 2016)

Concert feat. "Jnar" traditional music ensemble (Tashauz, Turkmenistan, March 30th 2016)


Recording with rock band "Felix Crool" (Russia, December 2015)

Concert with Ali Ghamsari-Tar, Omar Bashir-Oud, Pei Bird-Vocal, Ilya Magnes-Flute (Rose Festival Georgia, July 2015)


Iammedia (Yerevan, Armenia, April 29th 2020)

NRWJAZZ.NET (Moers, Germany, April 4th 2020)

Daz Waz (Duisburg, Germany, March 13th 2020)

Yerkir Daily  (Yerevan, Armenia, February 10th 2020)

York Press (UK, November 2nd 2019)

Songlines Magazine (UK, #152 issue, November 2019)

The SkInny (Edinburgh, UK, November 12th 2019)

SharqTaronalari.Uz, (Samarkand, Uzbekistan, August 2019)

Erit.am (Yerevan, Armenia, July 30th 2019)

La Voix du Nord (Lille, France, May 3rd 2019)

Armenian Foreign Newspaper (Armenia, May 2019)

Rhythm Passport (U.K., January, 2019)

Meet Up.com (U.K., January 16th 2019)

Regional newspaper (India, Gwalior, December 27th 2018)

Arsen Petrosyan is a specialist (of the duduk), of numerous times rewarded for his talent, he accompanied Nikko Grégoire. The arrangements in the organ, most made by Nikko Grégoire, the music grew to the meditation, of reverence. Both artists were applauded for a long time and their pleasure to play together was visible. Together, they intend to multiply in Europe and in the USA such concerts.

Agnès Béra, SUD-OUEST (France, May 2018)

I was very lucky to listen to Arsen Petrosyan’s music, and I have fell in love with each note. It was such a celestial music. I have heard beautiful chords, and sounds which were so peaceful. Duduk music is becoming popular around the whole wide world. I am really delighted that Arsen introduced me to that universe. From now on, I will do some extensive research on that type of music. If you ever wanted to listen to relaxing music, Arsen is the artist you need.

JASON BRYE WEEKLY.COM (United-States, July 2017)

Petrosyan, who is only in his early twenties, explores the musics of Armenia, find some of them in old archives, and is being accompanied by the harp, the guitar and the soft drums. He helps the world to love the genuine purity and the melancholy of this music. It’s a true and lively musical performance that he shares in Armenia and beyond.

WWW.AYPOUPEN.COM (Cyprus, July 2017)

The international sensation of sacred music, Arsen Petrosyan, has contributed to the songs “The Silent Nights” and “O Come O Come Emmanuel”, and has given a new and authentic texture to these well known songs. The duduk is an ancient instrument which is often seen at “the shepherds’ flute”, when it is combined with the heavenly songs of Abigail, it does create a fascinating sound.

CC.CALLEDTOBE.ORG (United-States, 21st December 2016)

The international sacred music sensation, Arsen Petrosyan, shows us why he is considered as the heir to the Armenian throne of the duduk. Frequently called "the shepherds’ flute", the combination of the endearing sounds of Arsen’s duduk and the celestial voice of Abigail, seems to transport the auditor to the old times of Bethlehem. Arsen and the approch of Abigail in “O Come O Come Emmanuel” and “The Silent Night” take your breath away. It’s easy to understand why Peter Gabriel and Sting have integrated this ancient and bewitching instrument into their music.

WWW.TOPCATHOLICSONGS.COM (United-States, 21st December 2016)

The Duduk has a great history. It accompanies every moments of Armenian people’s life, sad or joyful. The Duduk is not just only associated to the cries, the sadness: it is much more than that, brightness, love and life...

ARMEN PRESS (Armenia 12th November 2016)

The notes of Florian Moskoft have fusionend with the ones from Arsen Petrosyan’s Duduk. A real symbiosis was created, between the Organ, the duduk and the choreography (created by Hanane Mesbahi). Proof of their bewitchment, the audience did observe few seconds of silence before giving a standing ovation to the artists.

L'EST REPUBLICAIN (France, July 2016)

The album «Charentsavan» is a pleasant introduction to the national instrument of Armenia, known as Duduk. The album could mostly be described as pure, calm and formal in the tone, but also with occasionally some powerful lyrical phrases. "Hazar Ernek" creates and atmosphere of an oriental belly dance ; "Javakki Shoror" gives the impression of villagers calling and responding to each other with the interaction between the different instruments - and the soft drum with its distinctive sound, reminds the technic of percussions from South East India. Petrosyan is obviously a talented musician, and the appreciation of the nine different tracks from the album is a question of personal taste. I would recommend anybody to visit a website like SoundCloud , in order to listen and discover what “tickles” the most your curiosity.

CENTERVIEWSBLOGSPOT.AM (United-States, 27th May 2016)

Arsen Petrosyan has subtitled his first album "Music for Armenian Duduk" an instrument which is a kind of pre-occidental clarinet producing a plaintive sound, made famous by Mel Gibson’s movie, “The Passion of the Christ”.

Here, Petrosyan delivers a rich variety of sounds which transported you into places and times you wouldn’t have imagined possible to exist. His velveted vibrato combined to an harp for the celestial “Tapna Kerman“, also in a dreamy “Hairenik”, while Middle-Eastern percussions contribute to add to the mystery of “Hazar Ernek”.

George W. Harris, JAZZ WEEKLY (United-States, 5th May 2016)

A young musician, Arsen Petrosyan perpetuates Jivan Gasparyan’s legacy. His first solo album includes popular and ancient materials, as well as some more recent ones, extremely well delivered. It evokes the “sound of rocky landscape” on the crossroads of Asia and Europe.

SHEPHERD EXPRESS (United-States, 1st March 2016)

Petrosyan’s Album is relentlessly intense. The minor keys used, are typical in that kind of music, also accompanied by drones and lightly scattered drums. The originality of this album comes from a clever orchestration, associated with ancient melodies (which most of them were saved from dusted archives where music was hidden during te soviet occupation)... With this album, the Press compares Petrosyan to the virtuoso most acclaimed (for the duduk) in the 20th century, Jivan Gasparyan.

NEW YORK DAILY (by Delerue, United-States, 6th February 2016)

The guide line of Petrosyan for Armenian musical history, transports the audience into a resourceful musical journey.

WORLDMUSICWIRE (21st January 2016)

The album “Charentsavan” represents works inspired from Armenian villages, but also from the regions which are no longer part of what is now days the Republic of Armenia. Most of these songs were covered with dust, neglected and almost lost in old Soviet libraries. Arsen Petrosyan has given them a new life. This album is in the foot pass of the ones recorded by Jivan Gasparyan and covered by Brian Eno in 1989.

DEEP ROOTS (United-States, 20th January 2016)

During his career, he has entered diverse competitions and was a first class winner of the International Music Competition «Renaissance». He has also participated at the television show “the New Selection for Duduk” on Shant TV and was amongst the ten finalists. Arsen has visited and performed in the whole wide world including Russia, Georgia, United-States, Canada, India, Germany, Spain, France, Turkey, Turkmenistan and many more. His mentor Gevorg Dabaghyan qualifies Arsen’s sound of “sensible, agile and noble”.



Sverige Radio P2, Live Broadcast, (Stockholm, Sweden, June 16th 2020)

World In London (London, January 16th 2019)

Radio SOAS (London, January 11th 2019)

RADIO ALIGRE (Paris, April 21st 2018)

MUNDOFONIAS (Spain, May 23rd 2017)

AFTER FM (United-States, February 2017)

RADIOLIVE (New Zealand, March 31st 2016)

PARADIGMS (United-States, February 28th 2016)


BBC Persian (Samarkand, Uzbekistan, May 1st 2020)

WDR German TV (Duisburg, Germany, March 13th 2020)

Interview in the morning show "Aravot Luso" (on the first Armenian public television H1, February 18th 2019)

Interview from Shoghakat TV (about concert in Yerevan. February 16th 2019)

Interview from Tansen Samaroh (Gwalior, India, December 28th 2018).

Interview in the morning show, Yerkir Media Tv (Yerevan Armenia, December 20th 2018)

YERKIR MEDIA TV, duet with Michaël Akortia, Armenia , March 2017


Photos Credits: Edouard Caupeil/Alain Forest/Berta Martirosyan/Vartan Kelechian