Truly Madly Guilty Sakina Mwandani

About Me

My name's Sakina Mwandani and this semester has reminded of the importance of drive and determination, its very easy to let yourself get overwhelmed but if you just take one day at a time, its a bit more bearable and less frantic. In the future I plan to finish three more semesters here at ACC and then move on to a culinary school in either California, New York, or Colorado. then in other 3 years I will be able to work in a restaurant and make a living with my degree. I haven't planned after that so hopefully I'll figure something else out.

First Draft

This semester has taught me a lot about drive and determination. It is important and you stay focused and realize that not everything comes easily to everyone. My very first draft taught me that you should take all the advice given by your professor and learn from it, don't take it as a negative, but as a positive, a way to grow into a better student and writer. This first draft was revised by my professor and it made me eel kind of bad, like she disliked me rather than just my writing, which obviously doesn't make sense but it still stung to see al the marks she had made, but it helped me develop a better draft to submit for my peers to revise.

Second Draft

My second draft gave me more confidence and I felt I had finally achieved success. My lack of comments could be due to the lack of mistakes my peers saw or their own laziness but regardless I didn't let that stop my happiness from boiling over. I felt extremely confident that I was going to get a good grade. This draft taught me that the more eyes you have on your paper, the more likely you are to catch small mistakes and gain back points that would've been senselessly lost. It also taught me of the importance of drafts and how you must have drafts before your final paper .

Third Draft

This last draft made me feel even more confident about my writing process and how important it is to do multiple drafts and all of the little point I could've lost while writing it. I felt like I had stressed so much and I finally had reach a point of celebration. Even though t is important to listen to other feedback, its equally as important to not stray from your original thought process and still have an essay that isn't completely foreign to you because so many people have added their input.

Final Draft

honestlyhonestlyOverall, this semester has taught me to keep going even if I slip up and forget one thing. It has taught me that sometimes I'm the girl in the front, who knows exactly what to do and is unaware of the mess behind her, sometimes I'm the girl in the very back, who is try really hard but still doesn't have it completely together, and sometimes I'm the girl with the braid, and I'm just looking around at other people to copy so I ca make it through this semester. But regardless I feel like its important to realize your fatal flaws and fix them and move forward so you can continue to be successful. Everyone wants to be the ballerina in the front, but honestly, we've all been a combination of all three.


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