Stable Ground Project Intern Final PRESENTATION

Ja'Den Fergus

Living here I had always been aware of the disparities between communities when came to the issue of housing within the city of Boston, but it was through exposure and the opportunity to work with Stable Ground that I truly perceived the severity of the crisis at hand. It was a great honor working alongside phenomenal artists alike L’Merchie Frazier, Anna Meyer and, Ngoc-Tran Vu and watching the establishment of their interpretation of Boston’s housing crisis through forms of art. For me, it was outstanding to document firsthand the community outreach within Dorchester that this project had committed to, helping immigrant families, the working class and longtime residents of the area, each people’s having their own history and ties to the community. It was just as equally impressive the amount of support the project received in reciprocation at each of the participatory events held meant to discuss the issues at hand and formulate approaches to combat the problem of displacement within the community. There is a profound eagerness within those associated with Dorchester Not for Sale, Violence Transformed, City Life (Vida Urbana), NuLawLab and, The Kresge Foundation to bring this issue of displacement front and center to the communities affected, and the policy makers that could aid these communities. Stable Ground is a multi-faceted project driving real change within affected communities and offering real support to those that truly need it, it was a great honor being able to document this leg of the journey working under the much esteemed Hakim Raquib.

Danielah Samson

For the past 3 months, I was able to work as an intern for the stable ground project, and through that I have gained insight on what goes on through these types of events that I was able to attend and document. I was grateful to have met intelligent and creative people throughout this project, and honored to be part of it. Seeing the works that Ngoc-Tran Vu, L’ Merchie Frazier and Anna Myer brought into this project were very inspiring and have given such bold statements and strong messages. Also, interviewing them and hearing their stories were also inspiring. Having to work under Hakim Raquib was also an honor because I never get the chance to meeting artists like him and because of this I was able to work with him side by side.

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