Wind what is it?

Global Winds

This is exactly what it sounds like. How the wind moves around the world. There are six different patterns.

Global Convention Currents

These are just fancy words for wind. These winds could be going from one knot to 100 knots. They are caused by different heat and pressure levels.

Coriolanus Effect

This is used to explain the rotating systems. In other words the movement of the air or water. clockwise in the northern Hemisphere; counter-clockwise in the southern hemisphere.

Global Wind belts

This is formed by two things heating and the earth's spin. The simple answer would be that this makes tropical regions warmer then polar reasons.


The easiest way to explain this is a area where the winds are calm around the equator.

Horse Latitudes

This is explaining he sub tropical highs and sub tropical latitudes.

Trade Winds

These are the patterns from the eastern winds and near the earth's equator

Prevailing Westerlies

These are the exact opposite of trade winds. They blow from the west to the east.

Polar Easterlies

these are dry cold winds that blow in the north and south pole. These produce a outward flow to the equator.

Jet Streams

These are small strips of strong winds. they blow in the higher atmosphere and usually from west to east.


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