BloodHounds Mikayla Mead

Bloodhounds are gental, loveable, and mannered animal.

Bloodhounds are big dogs but that doesnt mean they are not loyal. These dogs also usally get along with other animals. Bloodhounds are know to be tempered, and also stubberen. Even though bloodhound seem big and scary the are acually super gental.

The large amount of skin can make thier eyes druoy witch can make them a little red.
  • These dogs are very strong and powerful because of the shape of there body. Bloodhounds are a brown or black color, they have a long muzzle and a big black nose. As you can see in the picture below Bloodhounds have a good amount of excessive skin on there faces. This can make their eyes drupy. They also have evey musclar legs.

Bloodhounds are really big dogs, this is one reason why they arent great house pets. When a bloodhound is around six weeks old they will wiegh over 60 pounds already! Just because they are ig doent mean they arnt good pets. Bloodhounds also drul sometimes witch isn't for eveyone. But on the plus side they love children! They also have a tendency to say hello by sitting on you or by jumping on you witch could take someone down. Bloodhounds also drul sometimes witch isn't for eveyone. A bloodhound is not the dog for everyone, but is the perfect dog for some.

Bloodhounds have a great sence of smell. Unlike coon hounds bloodhounds are know for hunting deer and other animals. Also since the middle ages bloodhounds have been know to be about to track humans.

Training a bloodhound starts right after they can walk. Bloodhounds are easily trained dogs if trained right. Bloodhounds are well trained if you start early. Dog trainers say there are four major parts of training a bloodhound. They are respect, proper comands, potty training, and socializing. All of these are important to having a good dog.

This video gives you the basics about bloodhounds. It teaches you most of the things you would like to know.

This link teaches you about these dogs. It teaches you about the characterisics of bloodhounds.


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