Florida Museum of Natural History Khaleed Rich

Nature on Display: This exhibit caught my attention because it looked so realistic, although most of the exhibits did also. This particular exhibit had human figures that were positioned and reminded me of the indigenous people I learned about in history. I learned that their customs were very unusual compared to those today of indigenous people. My experience at the museum was great. I was in awe to see the figures, paintings, and model environments.
I enjoyed the museum, especially this part. This was my favorite part of the museum because I was fond of the skeleton figures of the animals. I felt like who ever designed the museum did a splendid job because they did well on being very detailed with the figures and the scenery that surrounded it. Being so detailed made it easier to connect with the nature. Going through the exhibit I was up close and personal that gave me the opportunity to connect with the display. I went to the exhibit with my friends and we were all shook about the various display figures and how diverse the exhibit was. I was able to connect with the museum because everything was not in a glass box, but open and some things to touch.
I never had an experience at a museum like I had at this one. Going to this museum changed my view on museums and nature. This museum had environments with animals, plants, and humans, allowing us to see how life was before all the technology.

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