Lion By colt

My animal is a lion it is mammal. My animals color is black and tan. My animal’s height is 3.6 3.9.My animals weight is 2.80 4.20.My animals body is it walks on four legs .My members is a cat.

My animal can vorn.My animal eats Gazelles,Zebras,Buffalo,Fish.MY animal hunt in a pack. My animal creep up to kill the animal and they kill predators

My animal can bland the grass. My animal fin shelter in a pack because they can't find sheter.MY animal need shelter to survive the dander.MY animal needs shelter to hide from storms and floods.

My animal needs water to live and food to live and shelter to live .they need energy to live because if they fall a sleep .My animal needs help because if they get hurt so they can live.

My animal they can break their leg and arm and paw. My animal can protect from their enemies from attacking the enemies from getting hurt.

My animal can swim in the water. My animal has one of the largest members of the cat family. Male lion fight for their leader. My animal protects the cub from dangerous


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