The Divine Madeline Chmelir

Source: Chmelir, Maddie. Glass

The Spatial Experience: I was very much surprised by the location of the theatre. Up until the day of the play, I was unfamiliar with the Constans Theatre. The auditorium was not nearly as big as I had expected one for the performance to be, although the size did work to create a more intimate interaction between actors and audience members. As the lights dimmed and the audience quieted, the performers began their loud prance through the audience, shaking the hands of its members while staying true to their characters. In creating an interactive environment, the spatial experience helps to create an opulent element of comfortability, essential to the Good Life.

Source: Halem, Abby. Two Friends

The Social Experience: I was lucky enough to find a friend like Ryan Bahng to convince to attend the show of The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt with me. Coincidentally, two of our friends, outside of our discussion and lecture classes, had signed up for tickets to the same show. After hauling down some sandwiches from Subway to remedy our appetites, the four of us made our ways to the theatre where we found ourselves captivated by an audience (or maybe just a camera) like Sarah Bernhardt herself. Sharing experiences with friends helps to create a flourishing social environment, an essential factor for the development of engaged communication and understanding.

Source: Alejandros, Alysse. Constants Theatre Art Piece

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: I took away from the performance the idea that sometimes we sacrifice our own interests and ideas of success, to satisfy expectations and gratify society's perception of fulfillment. Just as Michaud and Talbot pursue lives as clergy men to find prosperity, neither man appears contempt with the vocation he has applied for. In addition, the play touches on the atrocities that occurred in the work place prior to labor laws. Often history classes talk about the sexism that would take place in these kind of work environments, as well as the lack of regulations in place to protect children from long work hours and unsafe working conditions. Every experience I have personally had in a work environment has been constructed by rules and procedures set in order to assure the liability of the business, as well as my health.

Source: Chmelir, Madeline. The Divine Pamphlet

The Emotional Experience: The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt helps one "come clean" by posing the question of what success really means. Walking away from the play I can reflect on where I am headed in life, and whether it is to meet my idea of "the good life" or society's definition. I might question whether I am working for prosperity in money and title or happiness and self fulfillment.

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