Our next holidays

Next summer holidays we are going to take the cruise: Western Mediterranean Cruise. We’re going to leave Barcelona on Thursday, July 11st. We’re going to travel on The Oasis of the Seas.

We are going to climb the Rock Climbing Wall and ride on the zipline ten decks above the Boardwalk.

We are also going to enjoy a Far East feast at Izumi.

At the evening we are going to watch a play called CATS.

We are going to travel to Palma de Mallorca, Marseille, Pisa, Rome and Naples.

In Palma we are going to visit the Bellver castle, with its mix of Arab arches and Roman-inspired fortification.

In Marseille we are going to explore a museum to trace the first footprints of Mediterranean history.

In Pisa we are going to admire Pisa’s Leaning Tower and we are going to eat an ice-cream.

In Rome we are going to discover Vatican City’s spiritual legacy.

Finally, in Naples we are going to swim in the beach and we are going to see the ruins left in Vesuvius wake after its historic eruption in 79 A.D.

We think the weather will be nice and warm because we are going to travel in the summer.

We think we will enjoy a lot the cruise and we will have a lot of fun.


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