My Game: The Game of Games A game based on a game that is a game that is going to be on the game. This game is a game to be a game and that is the summary of said game.

A layout example: HERE An example with risks and a timeline at the end: HERE

The site can be done in Spark, Weebly, Wix, Wordpress, or another free site maker.


Here, you will have a longer summary with images from your game. You want to make sure that you have enough information here for people to understand the game, but not all the mechanics explained.


This section will have a mix of artwork from the game, an overview of the system, details on how to play, and any important information about the game.

What's included?

Show off what you have packaged (digitally and/or physically). Explain what the customer would be getting. This should include images of components, the system, and user interface. You should also list key features, play time, etc.

Pledge Levels (Optional)

How much do you think your game should be? What is the funding level? Usually there is a $1 option for more information and then editions of the game.

Stretch Goals

If you could continue to work on the game, what are features and components you would want to include?



This is where you put your posters, development diary, tutorial, and any other media you have for your game.

The Team

You should include the name, headshot, role, and other important information about the company and the team. Make sure you use the team logo and explain your company. Also include your business card.

Development Cycle (After Funding)

What does your timeline look like for further development? What are any risks or other issues you think could happen?

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Christopher Stuart


Created with images by Hello I'm Nik 🇬🇧 - "Lego has been my life since as far back as I can remember, when I was younger I loved building houses, making all the Lego family comfortable in their awesome new home. Now, I watch my 5 year old nephew delve head first into the infinite possibilities that Lego provides. It’s an opportunity to see what comes from a young mind. It’s awesome. Never grow up." • Adam Solomon - "Wandering Koreatown I found a welcoming watering hole." • Artem Beliaikin - "Asian yoga man practice yoga on the beach with a clear blue sky background. Yogi on the tropical beach of Bali island, Indonesia."