Mrl3ster's Class Personal narratives

My Crazy Camp Northwest Story

When I went to camp northwest, It was a whole week but my favorite day was water day.

First off we went to the lake. Little did I know it was going to be the most extreme day of my life.

First we broke into 4 teams. I was blue team,adidas because the theme was “I run”. After that, we got into canoes and they handed us cups that were empty. They explained to us we had to use the cups to scoop up water to dump it into the other canoes and try to sink them.

Right then and there no one was aloud out, me included. I had to stay somewhere I could drown. I was freaked out of falling in the 13 foot lake as I had previously almost drowned in an 8 foot pool.

Then as soon as I had finished freaking out I noticed the game had started and I put so much water in my cup it was spilling in my canoe. My team flipped one team over but then…WE FLIPPED OVER AND… I was ok I didn't drown or anything, I am still alive today.

The next year I went again but with my friend. That was the last year I could go. But I want to go next year. the end.


Ka Boom! One Monday I was doing a 1v1 with my team when boom! Lightning struck, everyone rushed to get in a dome with Angala a very very loud coach.If she yells at you or your team you could hear her from the stands!That is how loud she is you can always hear her wherever you are on the field.

Angela said loudly of course ¨ It might be awhile before we go outside again, so you can chat.¨ The THPRD let us in their building as long as we were silent because people have a volleyball practice. That failed as you can imagine, there were about 160 soccer players in that gym!It was very very crowded in there.

After 15 min. We went back outside then, of course lightning struck again I was starting to get scared . Why can't practice just end already? When practice was over I felt really bad for the two thousand and sevens and two thousand and fives. They had another hour left of practice!

Last when my mom picked me up i got my picture in front of a double rainbow then we tried to find the end we could not find it. We were sad. We wanted to find a pot of gold at the end. My brother was sad and crying the whole time.But he is a cute baby brother so we let it slide.

In conclusion I was so scared when the lightning struck, so make sure that you get under cover so you don't get electrocuted. That would be very very very bad!Also make sure that you don’t lose your soccer bag, my friend lost her bag in that lightning storm and lost everything in the bag including her soccer jersey. She had to buy a different jersey with a different number on it.


Have you ever had something you love so much? Well I do it’s my new dog shelby. I have seen shelby twice. She is a kind of dog called a Sheltie. The first time I saw her was amazing.

First of all my family and I have been wanting a dog for a long time. When we first moved to Oregon my family rented a house for five years! Our parents told us that when we buy a house we could get a new dog. Ever since I've been so desbrit and excited to finely buy a new house and get a awesome dog. When we finally got a new house we could not wait for the day.

When the day came, I ran down the stairs skipping the last stair. I ran so fast into the kitchen so happy to see are new dog. I flung open the cabinet and pulled out the first box of cereal I could see I pored a boll and chowed it all down. My family and I got ready and then got in the car. I was so excited to see my new dog!!! On the ride there I was so excited wondering how it would go. I hoped that it would be a good time and an awesome memory.

When we got there I couldn't wait. We knocked on the door and went in.My first glance of the house was just like a normal house then me and my family walked in to to the kitchen then in the living room.Right when i walked in I say the most magical thing ever 17 puppies taking a nap it was awesome. When I saw shelby I was so happy. I got to hold her and have fun with the rest of the dogs. When we were leaving I was so happy that we were really going to get a dog.

When we got home I was so excited to see shelbey again. I'm so glad that we are getting a dog that will be a part of our family. It was a really fun and magical moment

“Boom” The plane landed and I, with my family entered the USA. We got off the plane and grabbed our luggage .

Then we looked for a taxi and got one. This taxi was too small so we looked for another one. Now this one we got was way too big.We packed our luggage and I sat in the very back. We had a hard time finding a taxi . Also we had a hard time packing our luggage in the taxi. I never knew it would be this hard to make a journey oversea. I was definitely going to take a nap when we got to the hotel .

We drove about one hour when I asked my mom how many more minutes and she said “Toshid, there is traffic so we probably have to go for one more hour , be patient.” I moaned and tried to take a nap, but the taxi was making too much noise.

After we reached, the hotel I remember stumbling onto the bed and nothing. When my mom woke me up I asked what happened . She said I just took a long nap . When I woke up I looked outside and it was night. I came in the afternoon and it is night already. I hope tomorrow is going to be more fun and happier than just sleeping all day.

One day l was at was my house eating. After a while l went outside to play. At 7:00 it was dark with clouds and it was raining. l hard a thunderstorm.

It was bad. l was scared. It hit the ground so bad l couldn’t believe it. Something fell. It was my lego! I Screamed “No!!!!” It wasn’t sad at all.

The NEXT day it was 7:20 and time to go to school. l went out and l heard a thunderstorm again! It was so scary l almost cried. l went back home fast.

l said “l have to go to school.” It was 7:45 and the door was open. “l have to go in,” I thought.

I knew that if I went I would be late but if I didn’t I would get in trouble. Finally I did not go because I was so afraid.


Whoosh! Crash! Cluck! “Wait is that a chicken? Another one!? Why is there so many chickens?!?!” “Watch out Davis!” The warning come too late. I turned around and saw the biggest wave of my life!

One hour earlier,

First, my mom told us“We’re going to a awesome beach So everybody get their swimsuits on!” I was so excited to go to the beach. It was the first one we were going to! I thought of the oregon coast and how cold the water was and how it was really windy it was. It was also good for finding jellyfish and flying kites. As expected, It was hot in Hawaii and the water felt good but it was really room temperature! It felt better than in the Oregon coast water. “Aaaaahhhhh!” my sister Jacey said. “This feels so good!” And it did.

Next, we realised how big the waves were. “Woooow.” said my sister Keira. “Those are the biggest waves I have ever seen!” I said. I had an idea though. “What if when the wave crashes down, we rush in and get wet?” I asked. “Hmmmm… that might work. Just be careful not to get dragged in by the waves.” my dad told me. So we tried it and it worked! It was so much fun! “Hawaii is so awesome!” My sister Sayla said.

It was all pretty fun until that big wave came. “Watch out Davis!” The warning came to late.I turned around and saw the biggest wave in my life! I clung to the sand and almost slipped when the wave hit me. I scrambled up the sand farther away to get out of the way of another wave. I sat panting on the beach. “Sheash those waves were big!” I said. “Are you alright?” my mom asked. “I’m fine.” I replied.

After that Nobody wanted to swim, so we went and got food. We went to a cluster of food trucks. I got a chicken sandwich. After everybody ate we went to get shave ice. I shared tiger blood with my dad. “Mmm… this is good.”My dad said. “One thing’s for sure, that I will always concentrate on the waves more.On how big they are and how to know when to move or get washed away.”

One day it was just a normal day in summer, It was a week before I went to 2nd grade. I looked at the clock and it was five. I thought to myself “Shouldn’t my mom be here by now? She must be stuck in traffic.”

10 minutes later I heard 2 knocks on the door. I yelled to my dad to answer it.

My dad said “it is for you.”

I thought it was my friend Roxy but oh was I wrong.

I went down stairs and I opened the door. Standing in the doorway was this little puppy and my mom! All I said was “What the heck!”

Mom said “You said you wanted a dog and now you have one.

I had so many feelings about what happened I screamed so loud that you could not hear me. I got so happy all I thought about doing was going to tell Roxy. I got so excited that I had a happy overload. I ran faster than I ever had. I felt like I was flying. I was so out of breath. I grabbed Roxy and dragged her to my house to show her the cute puppy.

At the time I did not know what to name her so I called her pup. After a lot of thinking we came up with Bella. I was so excited to have a new dog!

Aubrey PN 1.0


Creak...I open the car door and jumped in and slammed it closed. Today we get to go to Sunriver I am so excited i’m finally tall enough to ride on the the waterslides at Sharc. 15 Minutes later “Are we there yet’’ I asked I was so bored and we have only been in the car for 20 minutes and it takes four hours to get their. Meanwhile in the car me and my sister are so hot we are in the middle of summer and it’s 98 degrees outside and my mom said we can’t turn on the air conditioning so it felt even longer. Later that afternoon we finally arrived at are location SUNRIVER!!!! . For dinner we went to this really yummy mexican place called EL Caporal it was so good. Ten minutes later we got to the house and played a game. In the middle of the game we all got tired and decided to go to bed. In the Morning we ate breakfast and right away i got my swimsuit on and my pool floaty and ran out the door to go to SHARC.


I was so excited all I wanted to was go on the water slides… But of course there was a huge line for the waterslides and we had to wait forever. It was worth it because when I went down it was awesome! After that I went down it for the rest of the time. Then I finally decided to go on something else. I decided I wanted to go on the lazy river to see what it was like, when I went on it I forgot to grab a floaty so the whole time I was just swimming but it was really fun because the water was pulling me where I wanted to go. In the meantime my mom and sister are starting to get a little bored since we have been their since ten in the morning and it’s three. It’s that time of the day when we half to leave and I couldn’t wait to come back tomorrow.

The Village

The next day we took are bikes and road them to the village. I have never been to the village so I was interested to see what it was like. When we got to the village there was a cool candy shop called Goodies so we decided to check it out. It was awesome I got vanilla ice cream and my sister got chocolate ice cream, it was so yummy. Afterward we saw this really fun shop and looked inside,my dad said we could both get an souvenir so I got this really fun dress that was really colorful. My sister decided to get a wooden giraffe to put in her room and named it terry. It was really fun.

Time To Go

“I don’t want to leave” I said as we packed up the car I wanted to stay way longer but it was time to go. As i got back into the car i was not as excited this time because we had to go home. When we left it was already 7:00 pm so we had to sleep in the car. Of course I did not want to go to bed but i was tired so I did. And in my dreams I imagined going down the best waterslides ever at SHARC.

Have you ever gone to a beach in China?I have last summer.My mom told me that we were going to beach because our city was too way cold.My mom and I decided to book a flight online at night.

Next we booked a flight on August 19.We got a taxi and got to the airport.The taxi was yellow and inside was 4 seats.

I built a castle that was 3 ft high and 5ft wide.I also went in the water to play in the waves.Lucky there were no high tides

I also got a suite room in the hotel.From 9pm-11pm I watch tv and prepare to go to sleep.Sometimes I get up for a very late night snack.

Finally after 30 days of enjoying the hot beach and playing in the waves we booked another flight back to our city on December 19.I am very happy I got to play on the beach.


Most people think that camping is a fun way to get outside and explore the outdoors. Which most cases it is, but sometimes camping trips don’t turn out the way you want them to. One of those times were when I went to the Boundary Waters.

Looking out the window of the car I groaned “why do I have to camping”. Because it will be a good experience replied my mom.

Watching the scenery whiz by I knew it was going to be bad camping trip

“I’m hungry” I whined, tired of paddling. “You can eat once we get to shore” said my dad, “We’re almost there, Just stop complaining” “fine” I huffed

I watched the little fish dart around flashing their silver backs in the afternoon sun. After a few minutes we reached a small trail starting at the edge of the water. We got out of the canoe and lifted our supplies out and my dad carried the canoe.

My mom said that I was being a “trooper” for carrying supplies so I got some candy. After that we loaded our stuff back into the canoe and set off through a swamp with about a 10 foot opening for our canoe to go trough. My mom was absolutely terrified of a moose or bear trying to attack us so she started singing loudly which really annoyed my dad and me.

I imagined my sisters probably having the time of their lives with my grandparents. Eating ice cream and going to mall of america, and playing with our two year old cousins.

“Will you stop singing” after twenty minutes of hearing my mom sing two verses of a song it was driving me crazy. “But I don’t want any animals attacking us” said my mom finally puasing her annoying singing. And by the way we reached the trail.

We got our stuff out of the canoe and again with my dad carrying the canoe.

Almost instantly the canoe got stuck between three tall pine trees my parents sent me to scout ahead and see how far we had to go. I climbed over a few fallen trees and I saw the swamp with the little creek again through the bushes, we might be able to make it I thought.

I decided to turn back after hearing my parents yell out my name. Once I got back I told them that the little creek wasn't too far away but I noticed that they had gotten through the first set of trees and had gotten the canoe stuck so tight that we couldn’t go any further. Soon my parents and I had to start pulling the canoe out with all our might from its current position while birds chirped gleefully at us overhead.

“Pull and don’t scratch the canoe” commanded my dad

We finally got the canoe unstuck but had to go backwards instead of forwards “that work out so well” said my mom. “Oh and by the do not start singing”

Afterwards when we got back onto with my mom of course singing her heart out

Paddling back to our island campsite I heard a loud rumble and looked up, a huge cloud rose up thousands of feet into the sky and this cloud was a dark angry grey with bright yellow lightning shooting out of it. That meant bad news for us considering that we out in the middle of a lake. “Paddle as fast as you can back to the campsite” my dad said with a sense of urgency in his voice. Paddling as hard as we ever had in our lives we frantically paddled back to the island that our campsite was on.

Seconds after we had secured the big green bags that held all of our stuff and tied the canoe securely to a large pine tree dashed to the tent and got in.

I listened to the wind howling around us outside, the waves crashing against the rocky shore line and the rain pounding on our tent

After 30 minutes of playing card games in the tent the storm had finally blew itself out. There was at least 2 inches of rain under the bottom of our tent. “Phew we’re okay” my mom breathed. I got out of the tent and took a look around. There were a lot of branches littered across the campsite but other than that we were fine.


¨But Dad I don't want pizza. Can I have a hot dog instead?¨ I said.

¨No¨ he answers back.

¨Fine I will just have pizza¨ I said a little disappointed.

¨Where are we going to eat it? At a park? In a castle?¨my 3 year old sister asked.

I would not get your hopes up if, I can not have a hot dog then you can not eat in a castle , I thought.

¨Where?????¨ she said again.

¨Let's get the pizza before I tell you that way it will be a surprise.

¨ Why do we have two pizza???¨ I asked my Dad. ¨We NEVER EVER get two pizzas.¨ I added.

We walk out and he hucked our reseat in the trash can. ¨Maybe we got the wrong order?¨ he said.

¨Maybe¨ I said a little suspicious.


3 week ago…

¨Aneda said three more people for Mary´s surprise Birthday party.¨ My Dad said.

My Mom suddenly burst into tears. I thought it was because she had been planning it but I could not be sure.


Could it be the surprise birthday party? We got 2 pizzas not 1 so it was very possible. NO I tought. It is not likely. I am sure it is just something else.

We drove to the pool trying to be there by 5:30.

¨Ok we are going eat and then swim follow me I know a special spot we can eat. Dave you push Nate in the stroller and Mary hold Claire`s hand. The doors are over there.¨

My Dad said and pointed. We all walked over to the door I opened the door and then ¨SURPRISE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!¨ shouted all my friends. ¨Happy Birthday to you happy birthday… ¨

Once they finished the song we enjoyed the pizza. I would have rather had a hot dog but the pizza was good. After the pizza we had cupcakes with blue frosting. Then we did presents.

Next my sister came up to me and said happy birthday and gave me a hug

¨we are going swimming!!¨ We went to the pool I jumped in SPLASH, SPLASH, SPLASH, SPLASH. It was like rapid fire. We swam around. Then we got floaties. ¨Watch out¨ OH NO here we go again I thought.

One of my friends hucked 10 floties in. I was not surprised that 1 person got hit. We did not no the person who got hit.

¨I said watch out¨ my friend said ¨and I meant it¨

They just pretend that nothing happened but I could tell it hurt. We all climbed on a floatie and 3 people tried to knock the others off.

They opened a rope and we all swung off it and did flips, dives, and cool jumps. We had a contest and I lost. We then jumped off the diving board. I had a great time playing in the pool with my friends.

Last we played on a play structure. Then we played lava monster. After playing lava monster I passed out mints. We played some more until parents came it was the best birthday party ever. I am so glad that my mom planed it and also that my friends came to the surprise birthday party. It was really great!!!


Have you ever been to Sunriver? I have. I stayed there in a house with two other families. My family went to Sunriver in one of my friends’ car. It has 8 seats. Plus, we have to sit in the car for 3 hours, so it’s good to have company. There’s a little screen in her car so we watched a movie. It was American Girl: Lea to the rescue.

After three hours, we got to the house. It was huge. The house had three floors. We explored right after we got in. When we went to the deck outside, we saw a hot tub. There was 3 floors inside the house. But before we finished exploring, we had to get ready to go to SHARC.

When we got at SHARC we saw snow outside. Me and my friends thought it was really weird, because it wasn't cold outside at all. “why in the world is there is there snow outside? ,” asked Malavika (My friend). SHARC was also really big. We jumped into the water right away. Splash! A bucket of water just fell on my head. Me and my friends almost died laughing. I didn’t know that there was a bucket of water right above me. There was a whirlpool, water volleyball, basketball hoops, etc.

Outside, there was two water slides and the lazy river. Sadly, we didn't get to go outside today. But I thought the whirlpool was really cool, because it will spin you around and around automatically. A little later, we went back to the house. We made popcorn and played some games (Mancala) upstairs.

The next morning we went to SHARC again. First we ate breakfast and played Apples to Apples. I was really excited because I was finally going to get to go to the water slides and the lazy river. The water slide was so much fun! When you slide down, you go right into the lazy river. “Oh my gosh, the lazy river is so relaxing ,” I said. That's exactly what I was thinking, Malavika replied. After a while, we had to go back to the house and eat some lunch. We had sandwiches. Unfortunately, I had to go home right after lunch.

Indoor SkyDiving

Have you ever had a HUGE fan going about 7,500 mph or more blow you up to the ceiling? Well, I have! You probably might have guessed by now but this is about the time when I went indoor skydiving.

When I heard that we were going indoor skydiving I could not believe what I just heard. I was also really nervous about doing it.

On the ride there I was asking at LEAST, 5 questions a minute. “Is it safe?” “How long are we going to be there?” “Is it fun?”

I remember when we watched a really long video (or it just felt like an hour long video.) that was about all the hand signals that we had to know in order to do fly in the tube. (of course, I dont remember the hand signals) and it talking about a guy that has spent over 1,000 hours in the tube. I was super blown away by that because here this guy was that has spent over 1000 hours in the tube, and I only spend 2 minutes in there two times.

Finally with my skydiving gear on I went over to the bench that did a semi-circle around the tube to wait my turn.

When it was my turn he motined if I wanted to go high in the tube. I motioned no because I was only about 7 years old at the time. But right now I really regret that because it would have been WAY more fun to do. So I jumped in, and like magic, started going up. The air that was blowing me up was really super cold.

After the two minutes of me hovering was done, I went out with high fives from my family and random people that were doing the flying thing too. Then, I did it again.

But, overall it was one of the most enjoyable, and exciting, experiences of my life. But, not only was it really really fun, but it was also really really pricey. But it was totally worth it. I think you should at least try to convince your parents to pay 200 dollars a person to do it. But, like I said totally worth it.

Silver Falls

Have you ever been so cold you couldn't stop shivering? That's how I felt when I jumped in the freezing water at Silver Falls.

When Jack and I reached the river by the waterfall we raced toward a long log that led to the best spot to jump. “ Wait until more parents come.” My Dad shouted. We waited for the rest of the family. When they came we

climbed onto the log, ducked under the rock and avoided water until we got there. Soon, Ellen, Rachel, my mom and Jacks dad followed.

When we reached the water, we slowly started going in. splash! Jack slipped into the water! Then I slipped to! We laughed and got ready to jump. I tried to convince Ellen to jump with us but she refused. “ three, two, one” jump! Cold water rushed around me. I squealed and swam back to the rocks with Jack behind me. I was so cold that my teeth were chattering. We climbed onto a big rock that was in the sun and sat there.

When we got warm we started to explore the river. We dodged the big pools and started to make our way down the river. Soon Ellen join us. Then , we found ourselves in front of a wide, deep, pool. I grabbed a long log and stretched it across the pool. Jack, the most daring of us, went first, then me, with Ellen last. We Also found a mini waterfall that was perfect to slide down.

Soon, we got hot and decided to jump in again. It was almost time to leave so we ran back toward the log. Ellen said she didn't want to go. We went to the jumping spot and jumped in. We had never swam to the waterfall before so we decided to try. We doggy paddle to the waterfall, climbed onto a rock and cheered! We finally did it! We swam back and dryed of.

It was a great way to end our day. Don’t you want to go to Silver Falls now?

It all lead up to this day it's christmas eve and I can't wait. But I have too It's christmas eve.

I wait in bed all night, I shift and shimmy and wiggle my legs I even take medicine to go to sleep. But it's useless if I was mag-snoooooooort Im sound asleep.

“Aghhhh” I wake up rubbing my tired eyes and run downstairs as if finishing a triathlon in first.

Or running to gold 7:30, I run into my room again but for my brothers Foster and Finn.

Foster has curly dirty blond hair that's shaved on the side a little less than a centimeter long.

Finn is a identical of me except he's shorter, super blond and mostly funny CAUTION LAUGH OR ELSE.

“Guys, it’s a simple tag team wrestle handcuff” I say “we don’t have handcuffs” Foster says “charge”We start jostling moving up and down I get TICKLE TORTURE. “We win get the cuffs”“WE DON'T HAVE CUFFS”

We go down stairs open presents and stuff “lets go to the book nook”

Mom suddenly says. The book nook is a chill out spot, we enter I see a CAGE and GUINEA PIG.

she‘s has dark brown with gray stripes, three legs are brown one tan, tan belly, white stripe from nose to forehead, brown eyes cute as heck.

I love her so much she meant the world to me. Then I lost her.

Oregon fair

My family and I wanted to go to the oregon fair and we also wanted to bring someone.We chose sadie to come with us.The day came and we went to go to pick her up

First,we went to pick up my friend she did not live that far away from us.It was very hot in the car it was like a desert when we were diving to the fair.We park in a parking lot.

Then we went to go get the tickets for the fair.

Then, most of the time i went to rides.After all the fun rides we went to go eat something.We went to the station to go get something to eat and got some food and my friend and my family. We got lemonade and I think some other drinks to drink.We also got pizza and sat at a table

After,lunch I saw a ride that look so cool.When I was done eating I ask my mom if I could go on it.My mom said yes to me.I ask my brother if they wanted to go with me because they were tired of going on rides.But they didn't want to go with me.My friend deciding to go with me on the ride.We were waiting in line to go on the ride.

When we got to the front of the line of we gave them our tickets to go on the ride.I think it was called motorcycle.We sat down on the seat but the seat was to big for me.My friend was 14 so she fit in the seat.

Last,the ride started camly but then it started to spun around in circle.It spin so many times.I started to slip off the the seat.But she was holding on to me so i wouldn't fall.The weird thing was that i and my friend were the only kids there on the ride.

We went back home after the motorcycle ride. I didn’t want to go back.It was fun and I had blast.We brought Sadie home and we went back home.

My Birthday Party

Have you ever felt so happy for your birthday party? I was. My birthday is in July and my family and friends went skating. It was so much fun.I had never felt so much better in my life.After a hour we opened gifts it was the best time and we had so much fun.

I invited my friends Kin,Olivia,Bella,whitney,Keira and then my mom my sister my brother and I.Then we went to my house to play for a long time we also made slime my slime was a purple slime it was so good.Then there moms came and picked them up.

Then my family had the house to ourselves it was so much fun. Then I had a family birthday party on the 7th and we opened more gifts for me.

Then when we were done we played.Then after a hour they all had to leave I was so sad.I did have a blast at the party.

Getting My Brothers Service Dog

“BOOM!” We just landed in Colorado, my brothers ears popped and now he’s screaming really loudly . It’s one of my brothers first times on a plane . The car ride back to the hotel was a Long 30 minutes .

The first thing we did was relax for a while.Then at 3:00 pm we learned how to train the dogs . They use hand signals to communicate to the dog , but we didn’t use our dog tough .

The next morning we had another training session . This one was about what the dogs need, they said that the needs to be feed three times a day . The next day…

Finally, one hour away from getting my dog . It was the longest hour of my life! Then at 3:00 pm “ Finally.” I say with relief . They release a cute fluffy dog . It’s name was Belle . We go to take Belle for a walk and I realise I forgot sweat pants and it snowed . So I couldn't go on the walk . The next day …

We got to train with our dog . Our dog just did it for the treats . After that we played with our dog for an hour it was so much fun! We threw the ball to her she stopped after 3 , we put treats here nose and she would balance them then we would say okay and she would eat the treats .

On the airplane home we ate lunch , and I played stack the countries and watched youtube . I felt comforted with Belle under my seat the whole way .

The Visit to Oaks Park

Have you ever felt like you were happy, scared, sick, and thrilled at the same time? That’s how I feel when I go on one of the rides in Oaks Park. The first time my mom told me about Oaks Park, I didn’t know what it was. Now I know that it’s a really fun place with just as fun rides. When I first laid my eyes on the park, it looked like a dream come true! Let me tell you about the first visit to Oaks Park…

Me, my brother and sister, and my mom (My dad didn’t come) hastily got out of the car. We were late! My mom got a text message from her friend that asked to go to Oaks Park with her. She bought some tickets and wanted us to come. “Over here!” someone called. I turned to see two people waving at us. It was my friend’s mom and she had brought her sister with her. We walked over to greet her and she gave us some tickets in return. As soon as we had seen the rides, we had wanted to go on them. “Can we please go on the rides now?” me and my siblings begged. But my mom declined and said, “Only after eat some food. If you go now and you’re hungry, I won’t feed you.” We were all hungry so reluctantly, we gave in to the delicious pile of pretzels, grapes, and hot dogs on the table.

After we devoured our food and washed it down with grape juice, we again pleaded desperately asking my mom if we could go. “You can go. But you-” she said as she pointed at me, “need to stay with your sister so she won’t get lost.” I was flabbergasted. I didn’t want Esther (my sister) to follow me around. Besides, My sister doesn’t even like the rides that I do and I know that she’ll probably cry if I leave her alone.

“But why?” I complained as my brother was running away.

“Because you’re sister isn’t old enough to go on the rides herself.”

“Then why can’t Joseph go?”

“Because he’s already gone and you know he won’t like it.”

“I don’t like it either!”

She gave me one of her looks. “Oh fiiiiiiiiiiine.” I grumbled.

While me and Esther were looking around, I suddenly had an amazing idea! I turned and asked Esther if she wanted to make a reasonable deal with her. We could only go to the rides we both wanted, but sometimes we have to go on the rides that I only want and sometimes what Esther really wants but I don’t. After I explained what it meant, she agreed, but was a bit worried because when I make deals with her, I usually get the better side of it.

I planned out what rides we were going to first: the ferris wheel, mini coaster, merry-go-round (Esther’s), and boat. It took about 5-10 minutes to wait in line, and 3-5 minutes on each ride, except for the ferris wheel. Me and my sister waited for about 15 to 20 minutes! Plus, the ride wasn’t as fun as we thought and was veeeeery slow, and the blue seats were creaky. After what seemed like a whole day, we got off and started for the mini coaster. The line wasn’t as long as the ferris wheel, so I got in line with the other people, with my sister trailing behind. Esther and I reached the head of the line in no time! We got on one of the colored seats (teal) on the mini roller coaster and waited until everyone was on. The coaster went slowly up at first, but when we reached the top, It zoomed straight down! My stomach was doing flips and I didn’t know wether to scream, barf, or laugh. Before I knew it, the ride was over. I could tell that my sister liked it too, because she yelled, “Again!”

We went on the ride several times, until we got bored. That’s when my mom’s friend’s sister came along (I think her name is Ashley). She asked if we wanted to go on a ride with her and so we went on the boat ride, hot balloon ride, and frog hopper. Finally, She asked if we wanted to go on the spider ride. I looked where she pointed and saw a ride with what looked like eight tentacles, so I called it the “octopus ride”. I declined, because of reasons of my own, but my sister cried, “Yes!” because she always liked going on rides with someone else.

Instead of wasting my time, I went to the bumper cars. I was lured there because of the noises, “Bump!” and “Clump!” and occasionally, “Watch out!” or “Whee!”. The line was kind of short, and was barely longer than the mini coaster line, but surprisingly, it took about 10 minutes in line to get a car. I zoomed around, bumping into other cars, until the speaker said we had to stop and park the bumper car wherever we were. I wanted to show my sister what I had found, so I navigated crowd after crowd until I found her sucking on a lollipop with Ashley, who was talking with my mom. “Where’d you get it?” I asked Esther. “Ashley bought it for me.” she replied showing off (as usual). I was kind of jealous, because back then, I liked sucking on hard candy, or lollipops.

We left Ashley with my mom, and I showed her the bumper cars and how to use them. She tried driving it, but failed, so we switched spots. When my sister got off, she started to whine and ran off to find mom. I didn’t understand why my sister liked it as much as I did.

I decided to look around, and accidentally found my brother, Joseph standing in line for a ride with what looked like multi colored sports cars. It seemed like he already went on the ride many times, so I went up to him and asked what the ride was about and how scary it was on a scale of 1-10. He said it was probably about a 7 to me, so I quickly got in line behind him.

Then, after a few minutes, we were allowed to go inside the ride to pick a car. My brother got to go, but I had to be stopped, because the people in charge needed to see if I was tall enough to go in one of the cars myself. Luckily, I was just barely tall enough to go by myself. There were a lot of cars that weren’t occupied, and I chose a blue one with yellow and orange flames. The car was not touching the ground. Strong, long bars that were connected to the centerpiece were holding it in the air. Someone came over to lock us in to make sure that we wouldn’t fall off. Then, I heard someone over the loudspeaker saying, “We are starting the ride. Make sure that you are safely tucked in, and don’t unlock yourself out of the car until we say so. 3...2...1…”. As the speaker was saying the numbers, the cars were going around, faster and faster, until they were zooming around the centerpiece.

While they were going around, the cars started to go up and down, and sideways, jostling us about, and stopped abruptly. Again, someone spoke over the loudspeaker, but this time it was telling us that we were going backwards. Just as the speaker finished his/her last sentence, the cars went backwards, sideways, and up and down!

I got off the ride dazed. I was so dizzy, but I wanted to do it again! That’s when my mom and Esther came up. My mom asked if we could go on the ride with Esther and me and Joseph agreed. I told my sister what the ride did, and she cowardly got scared. My brother is rarely nice, but he told her that he would sit with her. The second time on the ride was as fun as the first! (not to mention dizzy!)

Everyone was feeling jubilous, until my mom told us that we needed to go. We begged and pleaded with her, and I guess she didn’t want to leave either, because she said that we could have 1 more turn on the ride. I we go in line, but this time when they measured me again, they said I was too short to go by myself! I was devastated. It was so unfair! Fortunately, my mom stepped up and said that she would go on the ride with me. Yay! I was so relieved that I hugged her. I went on the ride with my mom, and even she said that she liked going on it a lot.

Satisfied, we walked to our car. But on the way there, I spied a new ride that I had missed in front of the entrance. We begged and pleaded my mom once more, but this time she wouldn’t budge. She almost dragged us out of the amusement park and made us get in the car. Oh well, next time we come, I won’t let any ride get past me.

My first day of school

My first day of school was about three months ago.I felt shy, embarrassed,and scared. I didn´t know anybody here, until Samantha and me started talking, and she said ¨Were going to be best friends¨, and she was right.

Next Samantha started started hanging out with other people, and I became friends with those people also.

Then it was recess time, and Jazlyne said ¨Hey guys wanna do gymnastics?¨We all said sure, we did cartwheels and backflips!When we came in from recess we started reading and writing, I chose a graphic novel.

After reading and writing it was our second recess we played on the monkey bars. My friends tried to get me to jump to the third bar but I wouldn't do it.

At lunch we all sat together, and ate our lunches while getting to know each other. later we did our class meeting we talked about our favorite ice cream flavor. My favorite is sherbert.

Lastly the class had to clean up it was hard work, we had to pack up, and sit on the rug,and then we would have to line up. The first day of school was really fun, and I met new friends. What could get better than that?

Birthday party!!

One day,my friend samantha had her birthday party and I was invited. My mom took me at 3:00 pm at samantha's house! The people that came were Spencer,Marleny,Jazlyne,Alyssa,Vivan,and I.(Alyssa is samantha's cousin).

When my mom and I got there Samantha was not there yet.I told my mom.later she said “ do you want me to stay?” I said yeah” then 3 minute’s later Samantha came then I told my mom “can you stay for a sec “ then she said “ of course if you want me to.” Then when Jazlyne came then i told my mom she can leave.

After that, we went to the park,then for some reason idk why samantha was chasing jazlyne but then samantha and I started to play hit like in play form .Samantha did not know that i was playing so she got mad and ran home. I kinda got left and i can’t run because of my asma. I had a hoarse voice and my asthma was making it worse.I tried running but then I started to walk and viven waited for me outside the house. i was walking with samantha's brother at that time and then i walked inside.

After, i got inside i said” sorry Samantha it was self defense,” after that Marleny said “are you mad at me” and Samantha said “no”

I asked “are you mad at me?” she looked away.5 min later we started to watch Youtube and then she forgot about .. the whole thing.

We just stayed 1 more hour and then my mom came and picked me up. Jazyne and Alyssa stayed and had a sleepover. Monday Samantha told me that “I forgot to get the gift bag and I said “ so then just give it to my now ” then we started to laugh, i was so relieved that we are still friends and that we don't get in to lots of fights.

My trip to Canada

One day in my summer we got up early because we had to go to burger king. You might think i’m silly but it was true.we had to go there to meet the other families we were traveling with on the cruise to canada.But before we left we had to pack so we packed quickly the night before so we each had one or two bags to carry and keep with us

Next, we reached burger king and we stopped the car and had break fast there then we waited for twenty minutes that seemed like one hour for our friends to arrive. Our friends names are,Kamal uncle,Betsy anty,Jonathan and Asher make up the Polamaru family. Giby uncle,Amee anty, Keiven and Rachel make up the Rafiel family. Frances uncle,Sandra anty,Daniel,and shilo complete the buzzom family.

Then, we chatted and talked for some time inside and everyone except our family had breakfast at home so we did not have to waste anymore time to get in our cars have different people from families in different cars.We took off down the road for the two hour drive to seattle.

Shilo and I took naps on each other, Painted our nails ‘cause I brought a whole bag of nail polish, and we pretty much did all the things sisters could do together in cars/limited space then we reached seattle and Shilo and I got out of our car, stretched, put on our sunglasses and looked at the sky.Then the big group went over to a pizza and an indian restaurant combo.Then we found our pier number got our tickets and boarded the ship.

We did so much on our trip and we liked everything we did including Turing the place and getting souvenirs.I hope you like to travel Because this is a wonderful trip.

Birthday sleepover

On my 10th birthday party I had a sleepover it was so much fun. Before the party I went to the park to play with my best friend Zsofie sadly she didn’t get to go to the birthday party.

Then my friend Ava got to my house. I texted my mom and said tell Ava to come outside to the park.

Before Ava got to my house my best friend had to go home.

then 5 minutes later my friend keira came over to the park then sophia, georgie and jayden come to the park we all played for about a hour. We all went back to my house.

A hour later my mom called me and my friends to come to the dining room to eat pizza for dinner. After my friends and I eat pizza we eat ice cream instead of cake. Then we did activities.

The first activity we did was making slime. The slime I make was light pink , Keira slime was a light mint green, Georgie slime was yellow, Ava slime was light blue and jayden slime was a dark pink. After we made slime my mom told me to tell my friend to take a shower. After that we want to sleep.

The next day we went to Sky High and had so much fun! We played hide and seek. After a hour Ava, keira, Georgie and Jayden went home.

My trip to Europe

This is only the beginning, I may or may not write the rest.

This is a 3 week vacation; can’t make it a short story without details.

I was on my way to Europe when I was in line; waiting impatiently. The air Canada check-in person was late by like an hour, so we, painfully; have to wait. I had a seat with my sister next to me. She was staring at her phone. I should have brought my phone with me. I spent time staring at places but I felt more like a bored idiot doing nothing. Sadly, I had to be doing that for an hour so I was annoyed. I did bring some snacks from home for the vacation. I felt like eating anyways.

I went to the check in area. I was surprised about how patient looking those people were. I talked to my dad. He wanted me to sit down instead of intimidating myself by standing for the next 20 minutes. Like I cared anyway. My dad talked to the person in charge of the united airlines check in place to see if he could check in there instead of waiting in line for the next 20 minutes. They said that we have to wait until they are there which really sucks. It was really painful.

Once they came, like always; they checked in first class passengers first. Then they moved on to economy. I realized that the line was so long for the past 20 minutes. Maybe we just called a taxi a bit too early. We were towards the front of the line since we came to the airport pretty early.

They did the typical oh yeah okay, gimme your passports. My dad handed the four passports. I looked at the bags first. Our bags being put on the conveyor belt he took 4 tags that had all of the barcodes etc, and it said PDX-YVR-MUC-BUD. Honestly, how do I remember this? We had our bags checked but I wanted it carry on.

We passed security check and it only took like 2 minutes to get past. My dad came with his ticket and presented it to the airport security and my mom, me, and my sister did the same thing. Security check at the Portland airport is short at almost all times so we got by within minutes.

We walked to a place to eat breakfast and we got cereal, lasagna, dried pears; DRIED EVERYTHING, and a pack of salted hazelnuts. I ate some lasagna; it was so good, my sister also had lasagna. I was still very enthusiastic about eating stuff; I ate some more. I had absolutely no idea what my parents had, its like I care anyways… Hey wait, it is lunch and not breakfast.

My dad gave me the airplane headphones; which apparently blocks out the sound of the plane. “Keep this safe, these headphones cost hundreds” I nodded. Well, I could have rolled my eyes, he told me how much it costs when it got delivered at my home anyways; but that happened more then a year ago. Besides, I remember almost every small moment from lying in bed, reading to eating and all the way to hmmm … lol, boxes arriving at my house.

We passed by the airports' play area; took some photos; I climbed on a solid animal and failed many times because it is too tall for me to climb on my mom lifted me onto the ‘animal’ and my dad took a photo of me. My sister did the same thing but she did not have any trouble climbing on.

“I think we should go to the C gates,” I said but I was not 100% sure that it is the C gates.

“ take a look,” said my dad. We went to the place that showed the departures. Air Canada was there. It said that it is going to Vancouver, which is my desired destination. It said the gate was D1.

My sister, and my parents were on their phones. My mom was texting like usual, my sister was playing games, and I don’t know about my dad. I was bored, PLEASE I should have brought my phone too but I decided not to bring it. I wanted to see the airplane. I didn’t see anything as the airplane is too small, but it didn’t arrive anyways. My mom turned off her phone and started to sleep. “I am bored,” I said “can I like do something?” My dad turned on his phone and went to this game where you try to get something to another and so and so kind of physics game. My dad replied by saying that it is an educational physics game with definitions of gravity. My dad handed his phone to me and I started to play. The first level was easy, so is the second, third, and fourth. I asked him for some help in some levels, but it is actually kind of fun.

A few minutes past when I stopped playing it, I went to the window and saw the tip of the wing of the airplane. I walked back.

About 10 minutes later someone said “This is the air Canada flight to Vancouver, We have a baggage size limit. BLAH BLAH BLAH… If you bring a bag that is over the limit to be carry on, It will most likely be… pulled.” I have no idea what the heck that means. “We are now boarding for the first class passengers’ group 1.” she said. She scanned their tickets one by one and gave them back and let them go by. “Now boarding group 2.” We were group 3.

When she announced group 3, we stayed in our seats and waited for the line to shorten. The line was very long. When the line only had like 3 people, we walked and lined up. My dad gave all four of our tickets and gave it to that person; who then scanned our tickets and gave them back and we walked into the jetway and walked down the stairs. We walked to the plane. It is a bombardier q400. It is tiny; even smaller then the embraer e175. Turboprops are loud; and also smelly; flight attendants are always cranky; pilots are grumpy all the time.

I took a look at the airplane and saw how tiny it is. It will be impossible to have the cargo hold located on the underside. Btw after the vacation, I realized that the cargo hold is located at the back of the aircraft.

We were boarding the plane. The front entrance just swings down and there are stairs. I went up the stairs.

“Hello,” said the flight attendant rather in a grumpy way “Hello.” “Hi,” I said I walked inside the really cramped aircraft. I sat by my mom. The seat squeezed me. There will definitely not be any legroom for someone that is 6 feet tall probably. Eh, my parents are 5 and a half feet tall they are short enough to ‘not care about it’.

This is the first time going on a propeller plane in so many years, I didn’t know what it feels like, or how loud it is. This will be like the second time out of 70 flights in a lifetime. So I didn’t care about how much a propeller plane sucks.

“Welcome on board Air Canada flight AC???? To Vancouver. This is the captain speaking. It takes some time for the aircraft to go back and the weather at Vancouver is 3* degrees Celsius, Partly cloudy. This should be a pretty smooth flight, without any turbulence. Make sure all overhead compartments are closed. The seat belt light is now on. We will take off shortly,” said the pilot. He then spoke in French. The left engine started up. “Flight attendants, prepare for takeoff,” said the co-pilot.

Pushback started. We went backward out of the gate (like always) and unfortunately, the gate is at the corner of two terminals, we were backwards on the taxiway. We did a 180° turn, backwards back into the gate, but facing forward to the taxiway. The pushback truck then towed the aircraft forward. That took 5 minutes.

The right engine started up.

We are taxiing to the runway. The aircraft is really loud. We are now at the runway. Gosh… I can see the burnt off rubber made by other airplanes on the runway. OMG, the engine was so loud at full throttle… hey wait, it is probably not full throttle anyway. Not many pilots will perform full throttle takeoffs unless they absolutely have to.

When we were officially airborne, I could literally see the landing gear retract like a wheel quickly; with all of its hydraulic force; retract. The q400 is creeping me out.

The q400, the q stands for quiet. It is not quiet at all though. My dad said that it is pretty quiet for a turboprop.

We were cruising and the flight attendant gave us pretzels as a snack. “What would you like?” the flight attendant asked “we have water, orange juice, coffee, lemonade, tea,” “Water,” I said. She filled the cup with water. “Any ice?” “No,” my mom said. “Yes,” I said. She put some ice in the cup and handed it to me. She handed me a napkin and a pack of pretzels. “Thank you,” I said. “What would you like?” the flight asked my mom. “Tea” my mom replied. She gave my mom a cup of tea and a napkin with a pack of pretzels. “Thank you,” said my mom.

The seat felt spacious now. I opened the window shade that I closed earlier. “Mount st. Helens” I said. I had my mom look out the window. I am used to the loud noise of the airplane now. I ate all of my pretzels. My mom gave me her pack of pretzels. I finished that too. And the water. “Mount Rainier,” I said a few minutes later.

It looked really good. Such a good view now being above Seattle. The seat belt light turned on. The flight attendants came and took the trash. I handed the 2 empty bags of pretzels and the cup of water, my mom handed the flight attendant her empty cup.

Minutes later, the captain said “We will be landing shortly. The seat belt light is now on.”

We started to turn and the plane got louder. It rather felt like a roller coaster that has no definition of gravity.

“Flight attendants,” said the captain “prepare for landing.”

“This is getting louder,” I said

We are landing anyways I thought.

My dad gave me his phone and showed me that turning left and then two 90 degree turns to the right for landing. I saw the flaps lower. We turned right. Then turned right again a few seconds later. That was our final turn to the runway. That looks like a pretty good visual approach.

I saw the gear lower. That thing looks creepy though. My dad showed me his phone. We are approaching from the west side. We are landing on runway 08R which the heading is east.

We are landing. That was a okay landing. But the reverse thrust is very loud. We taxied to the gate. The airplane is loud, but Bombardier is making technology that makes turboprops very quiet. The airplane looks a bit old. Otherwise, it is fine. We arrived at the gate. We waited to be the last ones to get off. Once the line started moving, we joined it. We came off the plane and walked and walked until we reached the terminal.

We then walked to the international departures. We were in the terminal and the airport looked more like a mall. So many shops, we also didn’t have time to look for a lounge. Well my mom has a priority pass so we can access a first class lounge. We walked and saw the airports fish tank. It was huge with live fish. I saw a few coins at the fountain and wow, such a unique place.

We went to the departures to see our flight and went to the gate. It was crowded, but luckily, we found a place to sit. There were only 3 seats. I sat in my mom’s lap and saw the a340-600 and I was so excited to fly on a Lufthansa a340 because there are very few of them these days. They stopped producing a340-600s in 2010 while they kept producing a340-500s until 2012.

2 hours later, we were boarding. Someone working for Lufthansa said “Do you want to do pre-boarding?” my dad said yes even though he really didn’t want to. He wanted to be the last ones to board the plane as of being a frequent flyer.

We lined up and they let us into the gate after they scanned out tickets. We walked into the jetway and waited patiently for them to let us go. I was very impatient though. I would not act like it because I do not want to act like an idiot.

“ is more like pre-standing,” my dad said.

“I agree, ”I said

We just did pre-boarding because we don’t want them to keep asking for the next 10 or 20 minutes.

When they let us in ten minutes later, we walked into the plane. “Wow,” I said, “Being in this Airbus a340 feels like being on the ground.” Or maybe the cabin is not pressurized. But I would prefer a Boeing 787 or an Airbus a350.

I walked inside the empty plane. “Hello,” said the flight attendant in a nicer way then the one that was on the air Canada q400. “Hello,” I said. I walked to my seat and sat decided to sit behind the row where my dad and my sister sat. I sat by the sunset. It wasn’t really the sunset yet though. The suns rays felt like spikes on my face. I should NOT close the window shade during or before takeoff. Well, I should also not have my seat reclined.

I looked out the window. I could see the engine on the very left. The wing looked huge when comparing to the q400. Well the Airbus a340-600 to me is like a more narrow version of a Boeing 777-300/er

Other passengers boarded.

“Welcome, onboard Lufthansa LH477 on this a340-600 aircraft to Munich. The weather in Munich is 30 degrees Celsius and is partly cloudy. Our seat belt light is now on. Please buckle your seat belts” said the crew. They then spoke in German.

“On board this a340-600 aircraft, there are 10 exits. There are two doors at the front and two doors at the back. There are four doors in front of the wing and behind. The other 2 are located in the middle of the wing. To buckle your seat belt, simply take both ends of the seat belt and put it together like this. To tighten or loosen the seat belt, pull and put the flap up slightly. To unbuckle the seat belt, simply pull the flap up and pull both ends away from each other. In case of a loss of cabin pressure; masks will drop. To put it on, pull it down to start the flow of oxygen. Then put it over your nose and mouth. Secure your own mask before helping others. In an emergency, you may be instructed to go into the brace position and have your head to the seat ahead of you like this. Thank you for choosing Lufthansa and hope you have a pleasant flight” then they started speaking the safety instructions in German.

I will never take out the blanket for safety because the flight attendants walking by will ask “where is your seat belt?” so then I will simply not get the blanket or I will take it out and put the buckled seat belt over the blanket.

The plane pushed back and taxied to the runway but waited in line for takeoff clearance which didn’t take too long because the Airbus a340 is a heavy aircraft and so is the a330, a350, 777, 787, 747, and a few more airplanes while there was a ‘light’ aircraft in front. My back hit the back of the seat when the throttle was going up. The plane is pushing itself off the runway and into the air. The a340 is kind of loud. We were officially airbourne and I took the blanket, reclined the seat; and sat back; relaxed, took out the airplane headphones that my dad gave me.

Two hours later, we finished our first meal, used the restroom, Finished watching the movie and tried to sleep.

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