Big bad bean

The acu cafeteria is a terrible place to eat and this is a huge problem for a ton of students simply because we pay so much for Room and Board but are not receiving what we have paid for.

What are some solutions?

1) lower the price of each meal plan

2) Hire a better food servicer for acu

3) lower the cost of Room and board

The acu difference

We pay about $9500 for Room and Board just to be served hamburgers and hotdogs everyday which often taste terrible. In the past acu expanded the cafeteria making more stations with different food items at each one however these stations are hardly open during anytime other than right after chapel and during the dinner hours. They are not open on the weekends ever forcing students to choose food from one line and one line only. I feel this was done to keep students content but I didn't work.

What's the best solution?

In my honest opinion having the cost of Room and Board lowered for acu students is the best solution available. I don't see the school hiring a new food servicer and lowering the cost of each individual meal plan would just be a way of babysitting the issue instead of a permanent fix. Lowering the cost of Room and Board just keeps things real. As the students we would have to understand we get what we pay for and if we pay cheap we eat cheap I don't think most students would complain about having some extra money in there pockets.

In conclusion

I'm extending a challenge to the board of trustees at acu. You guys have the ability to correct this issue for good, students are always told to give back to the school and the community of said school but what has acu done for the students lately in regards to this issue.

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Jordan Carson

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