My 1st Semester By:jay brwer

1.My first semester was very full of singing and chorus,but did not stop me from getting good grades.In the first two months of the school year I was preparing for a audition for honors chorus, which is the highest chorus in the state.In the beginning of October I got the results back for if I got in and I did.For the next month I learned over 6 songs,some were in different languages and all were difficult.In the very beginning of November Mr.Cook and Matthew Berry and I went to Winston Salem to perform for the state,but the thing that made me quite nervous was the test they gave you before you to see if you knew the music,But I passed.In 2 days Matthew and I would perform, but first I had to practice for 7 hours both days.

This is the concert hall we performed at

2.In December I decided to Try out for the High school Musical, after I Tried out for a basic part I got a call back for a main part.After I tied out I didn't think I was going to get it because lots of high school kids tried out but 3 days later I was told I got the part.

Even with All of this going on in my first Semester I still managed to get 4 A's and 2 B's.It took a lot of work,but I tried my hardest and got everything turned in.


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