The corporation

Question 1: 💠A business organization; 💠Characterized by the limited liability of its Owners
Question 2: 💠Manage resources effectively 💠Increase profit 💠 Social responsibility 💠legal rights
Question 3:💠CEO so hard to discretion because different products and services have different values. Thus CEO can compare different products’ value in marketing and according to the value in the marketing, they can decide how much money or experiences on the products.💠 CEO shouldn’t consider themselves firstly. They need consider more about shareholders like customers, employees, company’s value and other.:
Question 4: For example Hollinger International 💠Rationalization- Black thought he was superior to others and that he was above the rules. This made him more inclined to make irrational and unethical decisions.💠 Opportunity - the people on the board were chosen by black so he used this opportunity to loot money for his own interest. 💠Presure- usually comes from spoiled lifestyle a.k.a wife !

💠Tyco 💠Enron 💠Martha Stewart 💠Worldcom

Question 5:“Do the character of individuals that define institutions?”

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