Education Vouchers Should be Instituted in Virginia Grant Parker ENGL 101-032

What is a voucher?

In short, vouchers are a tax rebate to aid tuition costs for parents to send their children to school.

What is the voucher law in Virginia?

Currently, there is no voucher system in the state of Virginia.
The Virginia State Legislature should implement education vouchers because parents should have the right to decide where their children are educated.
Vouchers could provide parents the option of private schooling.

Private schools offer positive learning environments.

Private education can provide higher level reading and civics courses.

Most private schools are smaller in student population, and one-on-one learning would be more prevalent in private schools.

Academics are the focus in private education.

Education vouchers can help parents avoid under-achieving Public schools.

No student should have to experience these things.
Graduation rates could increase because of education vouchers making school choice available for low-income families.
Vouchers allow parents to choose the education that is best for their children.
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Grant Parker


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