The move By saMantha oreilly

I think it's time to move. So I'm going to go look at place. "The ocean Is my home ". To bad we can't stay in the same place for ever K.c let's go and check the accumulation or we will be late. " NO!" Not now MOM! " NOW!" Gosh ok mom...

Can't we live here. Not now K.C we need to look at different places. FRIST! We need to be closer to the school so you don't be late to school. Also l need to be close enough to my work and you can walk to and from school. You have to be in a unformed if you go to dropping ground. But. No buts. Ok mom were are we going now..... I think the lake but frist stay close. OK! Gosh when are we going. Don't ask questions. Let go....

We need to go to fish avenue so lets take condensation ST, To look at one place that's by the school. " What's the school name mom." Um I think fishie way and you don't need a uniform. Yes! Now I can wear my new clothes from my birthday. And the place gots elvater that is vary Big so stay with me. " ok mom." Look what time it is. " what time is it! It is 2:00. Lets go NOW! Or we will be late. Nooooooooo. I what to see this house well we have to run very fast or we won't catch the bus or the elvater and we have 20 minute or we don't look at the house now run as fast as you can 10 minutes later. K.c wear are you. Come out please. Mom wear are you. Stop hiding come out. I need to get to the elvater. I need to get to the bus to get to K.c........


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