Weather Formation Demonstration Damon Rowe


A Tornado forms basically on when warm air rises and then starts to rotate called a mesocyclone creating a large vortex that keeps spinning and getting larger and wider till it starts vandalizing the community. On how someone measures the strength of a tornado , scientist use the Fujita scale to detect how powerful it is.


The thunderstorm formation has 3 stages to make the process. The first stage is called the "Cumulus Stage" where the warm air rises and the cloud grows bigger and bigger . The Second stage is called the "Maturing Stage" where the could reaches its limit at the biggest it can possibly be and a large amount of water and precipitations starts to come. And the third stage which is the last stage called the "Dissipating Stage" where the precipitation cools down the cloud and the storms starts to die.


The hurricane formation has 5 stages for it to form. The first stage is that is starts off with a bunch of thunderstorms everywhere around in the same area most likely. Then the second stage the warm air from the storms move to the middle and creating clouds that rises high into the air. The third stage is the clouds form a ring that scientists have called and "EYE WALL". After that the fourth stage the ring spins and grown bigger and bigger creating the mother of disasters. Lastly the fifth stage the storms dies once it goes to far into the land.

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