lyons on the move Study-abroad journeys from a Lyons' point-of-view

"When you chose your fields of labor, go where nobody else will go." - Mary Lyon

For an athlete, choosing to studying abroad is not always an easy decision. The choice means leaving teammates and coaches, requires training in a completely new environment, and embracing new friends, new classes, new turf fields and swimming pools. They pack their passions for their sports with them in their suitcases, and travel thousands of miles away from routine and familiarity.

On this installment, the Lyons Tribune featured two Mount Holyoke student-athletes who found reward while studying abroad. Read about their journeys by clicking the sections below. Enjoy!

New Zealand

I thought that by not playing, I could lose the love for the game. Instead, it reminded me why I fell in love with it.


I saw so many local people playing the sport with an imagination and creativity, it was as if they were dancing over the field.
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Created with images by William Bayreuther - "untitled image" and images provided by Avia Jacobs '19 and Mirjam Keochakian '19.

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