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Executive Summary

  • First, I will show a sample social media post for The Watermark Hotel that showcases its location and appeal.
  • Next, I will show a social media post for Milford's located within the Watermark.
  • Then, I will show another example of a social media post for Tallulah, located inside the Renaissance Hotel.
  • Lastly, I will lay out a sample event promotion plan for the upcoming Vine & Charcoal event at the Gregory in downtown Baton Rouge.

Social media posts:

Whether you're here on business or just need an in town getaway, the Watermark Hotel is the ultimate escape!
Fuel up on this lovely spring day with some of our specialty deli meat selections at Milfords.
Here at Tallulah, we use a state of the art Enomatic Wine Serving System that preserves open bottles of wine, serving them in a controlled environment ensuring the best glass of wine every time.

The Vine & Charcoal wine dinner is a special event at the Gregory located within the Watermark Hotel. This event is a special opportunity to recruit potential customers and give them the opportunity to visit the Gregory for an elegant dinner and wine tasting. This can be framed as an opportunity for both the Gregory as a restaurant, and for the Watermark Hotel. An event like this one could be the thing that would get those that have no knowledge of the restaurant or the hotel, and promote the chance to visit the special environment that they offer!

To promote this event, we would want to make sure it was reaching our target audience. I would first get ads placed in print resources such as 225 magazine or InRegister to make the event known to the local business class.

Secondly, a social media blast could be beneficial to get the word out about the event. This includes a posts on Facebook and Instagram as well as sponsored ads on those platforms. Also, I would include an updated "Upcoming Events" page on the websites of both The Gregory and The Watermark. An important note when updating the social media is to be sure to use the same image and wording when mentioning the Vine & Charcoal event promoting a more cohesive marketing technique.

Another option could be promoting the event to those who are making reservations to stay at the Watermark during the date of the event. Once the guest books their room, be sure to advertise to them the events that are going on during their stay and offer them the option to make a reservation to attend one of the said events.

Finally, the event should be mentioned to all guests of the restaurant during the months proceeding the dinner, personally inviting them and their friends to join.


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