Should transgender people be able to use a restroom of there choices? By trey daniel

For transgender people there are restrooms available for them to use. Most transgender people use the restroom of the gender they are legally

But I don't understand why they cant just use a family restroom or in some cases a transgender restroom?

Why are they transgender? If they think they should be a different gender then they should go to counseling but its a little extreme.

I don't think transgender kids/adults should be able to pick which restrooms they use. I think they should have to use a family restroom or a gender neutral restroom.

People can be harassed and assalted by the opposite gender that has dressed up a transgender and sneek into the restroom.

I would not want a girl in my restroom while I'm using a urinal it could be very uncomfortable.

People could use being transgender as a excuse to get into other restrooms.

People have been harassed by men who cant get arrested because they law said so. The man just simply said i have a right to be in here.

There has been people that have complained because they where bothered that a girl could just walk up at any time a watch you pee in a urinal.

People that are transgender are confused, they where not made to be transgender they where made to be the gender they are. I don't know why there are ANY transgender people i just don't get it.

Transgender kids have issues with restrooms they can be bullied and can be judged. They think its unfair that they don't get to use a restroom with their peers.

People get assualted by fake transegender people. They could be transgender just to do disturbing stuff.

To be warned that not everyone that looks transgender is really transgender. That transgender people should not use a restroom of there choice.


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