Wind blade CEE Byron

We had a concept of having a straight flat sleek and nice looking wind blade, we thought it would work the best and look good too not have some weird looking wind blade.

Prototype #1

It didn't work it wouldn't catch enough air and it would spin slow, sure it looked cool but it didn't work.

Next we tried a different design it was a weird shape we really thought this was the one but it was small, weak didn't catch much air.

Prototype #2

So we got inspired by a leaf because leafs fall slow, when they fall from a tree because they catch a lot of air so I guess that was our final design and it worked first it was made out of folder paper it worked great but then we upgraded to cardboard and it worked ok the cardboard wasn't that stable, it added more weight it it didn't catch as much air because it didn't have that curve design, and it moved every time we put it on the Dowels. So it was kinda of a downgrade but the only good thing is that it lifted more washers.

Final design (folder paper)

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