Stop Deforestation: Replant, Replenish, and Restore the Earth! By Lindsey, Liz, & Kendall

Did you know that every year over 900 million trees are cut down? This equates to 2.47 million cut down per day! Just think, from the time you wake up in the morning to the time you go to bed, millions of trees have been cut down. Cutting down all of these trees impacts our environment. Although we might feel like we aren't able to prevent this from happening, there is a way we can help. We can do this by taking action and planting new trees!

What will be left of these forests in years to come?

Why is Deforestation an Issue?

You probably hear the phrase “save the trees” thrown around a lot. It may not seem to have a lot of importance, but it’s actually a serious issue. One problem is that trees store a lot of carbon dioxide and all of the carbon dioxide that a tree is storing is released into the atmosphere when it is cut down. Think of it this way, one tree can absorb the amount of carbon dioxide from a car that's been driven 4,000 miles. Now imagine all of the carbon dioxide released by the millions of trees cut down each year! Not to mention that we lose that tree and its ability to clean the air! This is becoming a more serious issue each day.

We need more trees to absorb all of this carbon dioxide!

Why Should We Care?

You might be thinking that there are still a lot of trees left so carbon dioxide can't be too big of a problem. However, carbon dioxide isn't the only issue. Every time a tree is cut down, an animal loses its home. When an animal loses its home, it not only loses its place to live, but it is also more visible to hunters and predators. So if you don't care about the trees that are cut down, do you at least care about the animals? There is more than one negative result of deforestation, and there is more than one reason to care.

How Can We Help?

Watch this video to see how you can help us plant trees here at Sweet Home Middle School:

We can't necessarily stop lumber industries or other companies from cutting down trees, but there are still ways we can help. We can help by taking action and planting our own trees. Throughout each year we all see hundreds of trees get cut down and replaced with new businesses in our local communities. We can help by replacing the trees that have been lost through this. It's a lot easier to help then you might think! Every tree that is planted can help! Even if you find the time to just plant one tree, you are still making a big difference. All of these trees we plant will add up! So join this cause by helping to replant, replenish, and restore the Earth.

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