UK main cities by Carla Hunold


Edinburgh is the second largest city and Capital city of Scotland they have a river in Scotland called the river forth it flows through a river and then into a sea the central part of Edinburgh is the Edinburgh castle every year there is a military display where soldiers show what they can do and there is music and drums playing. Edinburgh is one of the capital cities of the uk together with London, Cardiff and Belfast.Edinburgh replaced scone as the capital of Scotland in 1437. Edinburgh Is as well very popular for their castles they have a lot and very beautiful castles in Edinburgh. And Edinburgh is as well a very popular city in Scotland or in the UK because it has 460.560 people in edinburgh

pictures of edinburgh!

Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland in the UK. It is the second largest city in Northern Ireland after Dublin. Belfast has around 270.000 people that live there and is with that the biggest and most visited city in Northern Ireland. . Belfast has a huge ice hockey area and there first game in that arena was in 2000. Belfast is as well very popular for there ships they have a ships industry at the river lagan and they built one of the most popular ships there the TITANIC!

Belfast is since the 15 year hundreds the capital city of Northern Ireland. In Edinburgh there is a very popular castle and it is built on a hill called the Castle rock and around 350 million years it was a volcano but now it is Innactive.


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