Criminal law v. Civil Law Perry Santos

Civil Law

Redress wrongdoings

individual vs. individual

Plaintiff vs. Defendant

Plaintiff vs. DEFENDANT

Individual people can sue another

Private parties involved in case

~Unlike Criminal Law That Involves the Government~


Money is awarded

~Form of Compensation~


~Asking court to remedy the wrongdoing~

Compensation for injuries/damages

EASY WAY TO REMEMBER: Civilian vs. civilian

Criminal Law

Governing right to live in peace

Government v. Individual

Government must be the one to file the lawsuit

Prosecutor v. Defendant


Murder, Robbery, Arson = Threats to Way of Living

Government files criminal case...

...While victim/family can file a civil case

Punishments Include...

Death, Prison, and Fines


Created By
Perry Santos


Created with images by brittanylynae - "Supreme Court"

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