Headphones are commonly used for listening to music they provide a wonderful degree of freedom which is one of the main reasons why they've grown so popular. Headphones are used for more than just leisure now days. They also have been used as tools in many industries and fields.

Why people use headphones? People use headphones so they can't disrupt any of there peers at school or other workers at your work. This also cancels out a lot of disruptive noise if you were to be listening to in at home and without headphones or earphones you would be have having a lot of arguments.

V-moda Headphones

How do Headphones work? Headphones are materially 2 loud speakers that are attached together by a firm clamp.

  • Inside the 2 loud speakers theres the drivers assembly.
  • And the part that produces sound in the drivers assembly is the diaphragm. The diaphragm is pushed back and forth in rapid speed which causes the air to move.
  • Once the diaphragm disrupts the air it creates sound waves which goes through the ear and is precept by our brains.
  • Underneath the diaphragm is a magnet surrounded by a voice coil (a copper strip).
  • Through the wires of our headphones are electricity running through it.
  • That electricity hit the voice coil which makes it create a electro magnetic field
  • This causes the voice coil to vibrate up and down also causing the diaphragm to move with it.

Bibliography: http://pickyear.com/headphones-used/

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