James Watt The story of my invention


This was the first photocopier made by "James Watt"

My name is James watt an I invented the photocopier. It is used in big businesses to print documents faster, cheaper, and quicker. Some advantages it has are you will not have to write documents over and over again. Anyone from around the world can benefit from my invention. I made the photocopier to make life easier by not having to rewrite your documents or plans. My invention made a great impact on our lives today and was still used after I passed away.


-Without this photocopier my business would be out of business

-With this photocopier work can get done 5x faster


Random Facts

  1. I was the first person to propose that water was made of hydrogen and oxygen.
  2. I radicly improved the steam engine and started the industrial revolution.
  3. My mother died at when he was only 18 and his father then stated to get worse.
  4. I originally wanted to make and sell instruments when I went to the university of glasglow.
  5. As a boy I had to be home-schooled because of my poor health.


"A lie can run around the world before the truth can get its boots on."
"My responsibility is to follow the scriptures whitch call upon us to occupy the land until Jesus returns."
"Now teacher, Don't you fill me up with your rules, but everybody knows that smoking ain't allowed in schools."


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