The Era Of Good Feelings By: ricky freitas

It is important to be an American because it represented our country, also to protect our country. And they will always fight for our country. An American in having pride in one's country is they will always die for their country. After the american revolution war, the United States felt like a single nation than a collection of states. The Americans new who they were after the war.

In the American System some of the plans are for taxes on imported goods so they can protect the industry. As well as to protect the federal spending to transport projects like the roads and canals. Also an economic system in which individualism and companies that make goods for profit. The person who thought all of this and wanted this was Henry Clay of Kentucky. In 1824,four candidates, including Clay, competed to succeed Monroe as the president. Clay wanted to Unify the country as best as he could to protect the nation.

As in American folk art that men carved weather vanes and hunting decoys. And women sewed spare bits of cloth into quilts. And the people who were not trained made signs, murals, and images of symbolism like the American flag. The best known artist was Gilbert Stuart. The British attacked Washington D.C., during the war of 1812, the British wanted to burn down the building. But their was an important picture in their which was a picture of president of Madison's wife. The person who saved the picture of Gilbert Stuart picture was Dolly.

Some of the stuff they do For the American Music, they mostly performed the music in church. But songs were performed outside of the church. But usually the old tunes were made with new lyrics. The dancers swirled through ballrooms, performing lively minuets, gavottes, mazurkas, and waltzes. In the south slaves combined the hymns of white churchgoers with African musical styles to create spirituals traditions.

Some things they did in the American literature was the Hudson River. And how the writers how they used American subjects and settings. Davy Crockett was a real frontiersman who spun tall tales about his life. It was about hunting, scout, soldier, and explorer. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote the song of Hiawatha based on stories of American Indians. Davy Crockett poem helped him understand more about Native Americans.

The topics of the politics, art, literature, and music. Overall with these topics the most important is the politics. Because the strength of the country is really important because with out it everything would be out of hand. No laws no constitution would mean that everyone could do what they want and it would be hard to start laws to strengthen the world. art is important because there would be no famous paintings. Literature is important because there would be no writings about anything like now we would might not now how all wars and how history happened. Music is important because music can make people remember someone or something or it can make you happy.

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