Mr.Hagemeister Interview by ALyna coy

Mr. Hagemeister is an acting teacher at Junction City High School in the FAHS. He has taught for 26 ½ years. He attended Junction City High School and became very fond of acting in his teenage years.

Alyna: How was your day Mr. Hagemeister?

Mr. H: “It was alright.”

Alyna: How has this semester gone for you?

Mr. H: “Good semester, good classes, been happy.”

Alyna: What was the highlight of this semester? Why?

Mr. H: “Production of Charlotte’s Web because of the cast and good audience turnout, it was really fun!”

Alyna: How long have you been teaching for?

Mr. H: “26 ½ years.”

Alyna: What was it like to go to school in JCHS back then?

Mr. H: “Very different, treated more like young adults, a lot more trust and not as many rules.”

Alyna: What made you want to teach acting? Why?

Mr. H: “Originally wanted to be an actor but wasn’t ready to make sacrifices to be one, decided if I taught it, it would be like growing into an actor.”

Alyna: What other subjects were you interested in teaching, if any? Why?

Mr. H: “PE, only other thing that interests me.”

Alyna: What was your favorite production you have ever done? Why?

Mr. H: “Is there A Doctor in the House” “Sussical the Musical” are my favorites I have directed and favorite play I was in was a musical called “How to Succeed in Business Without Even Trying” Why? Really fun great friendships, didn’t seem like work.”

Alyna: Did you play any sports? How long?

Mr. H: “Played football all the way to Sophomore year, same with basketball and I played baseball until I graduated” Favorite sport was basketball but best at baseball.”

Alyna: Did you go to college for acting?

Mr. H: “No, I got a degree in Secondary Speech and Theatre, so I can teach any speech and drama class from 7th throughout 12, And speech so I can do forensics if I had to.”

Mr. Hagemeister is an outstanding teacher and inspires us all that want to be better performers. He is always the brightest thing in the room with his energy and making sure everyone else is having a great day.

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Alyna Coy



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