Desiigner? By: Aaron hunter

I'm so tired, sitting in bed eating cookies

The neighbors are having a party

I dont really care that they are having a party until

They piss me off and put on some shitty music

They are listening to Panda by Desiigner!

He calls his song panda! What the hell!

He doesnt even make sense.

His words just blend and his beat is way to loud you cant even hear his voice

"Panda Panda Panda Panda KADDIA i got broads in Atlanta twistin' dope lean and the fanta"

At this point in the song i was furious

Then the music gets louder!!

Me and my cousin are getting mad and we go look for my fireworks

I have go to my hiding spot while he's looking for matches

There are a whole bunch of drunk people outside

Being loud and acting like they are the only people on the earth

So me and my little cousin start throwing fireworks outside

They think its gun shoots so they all hit the floor and they get really scared

Then they all started leaving and the music never turned on

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