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Hello , I go by the name of Sally Bae. I have taken co op to experience work as a librarian. You would think that it will be a piece of cake but believe it or not it is a quite tricky job but once you get the hang of it you will find joy in the peaceful hours of the work being a librarian brings. You wouldn't think that working in a library will include much physical activities but one thing I can say is that you get good exercise from walking around the library all the time, moving around chairs and tables and stacking countless books each day. Not only is it a physically motivating job but it also includes thinking skills for example, knowing your alphabets and doing quick math, that's how you know where each book's home is on the shelf ! On some days during break time, it will be a indoor recess which means kids will come flooding in though, i will warn you that you might be a little startled at first because they do cause up quite the ruckus sometimes. A couple of advice I can give you for a successful and enjoyable co op experience is to be friendly and open because you will always be around people , helping students and teachers , guiding them with whatever they came looking for. We all have our bad days but don't let that interfere with the way you greet the kids and staff who come to the library and be engaging towards each given task , have fun with it and make friends along the way too! A challenge i faced at times was going to sleep early and waking up on time so, i would come to co op without the fresh and energetic mind set I needed in order to actually enjoy myself while doing tasks . Overtime it started getting better as i started to change up my routine a little bit so that I had more time to go to bed and get ready for school. Overall, the impression i have of my placement is that there is no easy way out, everything takes effort and that the little things matter. I had a memorable experience although I realized I don't think being a librarian is something i would take up as a career.

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