Agricultural Revolution By Cole Sanders

First Agricultural Revolution
The first Agricultural Revolution occurred in the years 10,000 to 2000 BC. This revolution was the big transformation in human societies and hunting and gathering of farming. It changed the way humans lived because they found ways that were more EFFICIENT to getting food and resources. Some of the first crops were corn, beans, squash, and potatoes.
Second Agricultural Revolution
In the second agricultural revolution OCCURRED between 1700-1900. The increase in technology was able to increase the production and DISTRIBUTION of crops. Some things that were made were the plow, seed drill, and sickles.
Third Agricultural Revolution
The third agricultural revolution was started in the 1970's to the 1980's. it made farmers land to become more EFFICIENT than it was and also the revolution distributed foods across the world. It was also the DEVELOPMENT of GMO's.


GMo's (genetically modified organisms) are where a genome has altered the Dna of a crop. It has changed farming because now farmers can put stuff in there crops so they can survive the cold or such. Even though many people DON'T want chemicals in there food.


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