Reflective Journal Week 4

This week we've read and learned a lot about "Engaging Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Trans* Students". I must be honest, this has been a new environment for me since I started working in higher education. Never before I had had contact with people with other sexual orientation and trans as now. I grew up in a conventional, catholic family and we didn't talk about this kind of topics. However, after all these years working and living in the U.S., I believe that our beliefs and feelings should be separate from our behavior as professionals of higher education.

I've found this video about how students describe their gender and sexual identification. It is very interesting what they say about how they want to be identified and how they feel in different situations with their professors.

As a person who never had contact with people with another sexual preference and/or gender identification, I can say that I am totally tolerant with my environment and people around me. I can accept everyone despite their color, race, religion, gender, and sexual attraction and identification. I have been educated to respect people and do not judge their lives or beliefs.

We should accept every human being despite their sexual preferences and gender identification.

Engaging LGTB students shouldn't be a difficult job. Higher education institution could design a campaign where the entire country, continent, and the world know that education must be focused on your intellectual capabilities, your love for learning, and the passion for achieving your goals, no paying attention to external factors as race, religion, and or gender. Professors should focus on teaching and not judge students for the way the live their lives. Thus yes, counselors, faculty, staff, administrators, and society can help and support students without prejudice. We want a community with professionals with good jobs, honest and hard workers. We don't want a community that doesn't accept you and refuse share with you a classroom or office just because your preferences are different.

Acceptance and love. Inside we are all the same


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