Journey Log 4

This week, under the Adventure of Olive Arguments, and after watching John Oliver's video on Charter School, I began to think. Prior to watching the video, I honestly would've been an advocate of them. However, after expanding my range of research and engaging in research done on these schools I quickly became one to go against them. John Oliver points out different bad things about charter schools than these articles I read but I think it absolutely ridiculous that they're still able to have them around. Granted, as John Oliver has said, they're not all bad, but he makes several good arguments on why they are actually a joke.

Jokes Jokes Jokes

Across the nation there are 6700 charter schools that educate more than 3 million students. Oliver only suggests that these charter schools are "mildly" uneven. Because these schools are heavily regulated by the government, none of them are screened for financial stability or support. He references a Florida Ivy School who shut down, while another one turned into a nightclub at night so that it could bring in some kind of financial profits.

This non-regulated system also raises an alarm to a high failure rate. These schools are not regulated by standards of the law or required to take standardized testing regularly so when they do, the students are bound to fail. This is only in addition to the non-regulated attendance policy so does it really matter if I actually showed up to class.

My Thoughts

So what who cares right? This honestly infuriates me. I cannot believe after all that is required by the public school system that if I really wanted to, I could just sign up for one of these charter schools to get by. I wouldn't of know all of this though, if I hadn't gone beyond the video to find my own facts. I remember this from a video we watched on Trump and how he just threw facts out and didn't cite his sources.

History: Charter School Article 1:

Charter School Article 2:


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