Cross the Line With everything, there is a line

Cross: (verb) 1. To move from one side to another. 2. To pass over mediocrity

On one side of the line is a greater chance to give more, enjoy more, realize more. On the other side, there's less of a chance.

And with each line, there's a choice. You want to cross the line or you don't. You want the better chance at meaningful, opportunity, impact.......... or you settle with the lesser chance.

Your choice

It seems simple but......

there will be setbacks

Misses and hurdles in the short run that will make it seem like you can't cross the line. But those misses and hurdles, they might just be the lessons that help you in the long run.

There will be people

Individuals who've decided they'd rather not cross the line and would prefer you didn't either - sprinkling in a little doubt, withholding a little encouragement, stepping in the way.

There will be You

That inner voice that will remind you you're not special and things like that are for other people.

What are you thinking?

But there's the line...

And it needs to be crossed.

It's up to you!

So cross the line


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