Boom to Bust maja osak

Flappers of the 1920's

Women of the 1920's also known as flappers. The people of the 1920's didn't agree with the idea of the flappers because of the way they dressed and danced.

Cinema 1920s

The 1920’s was a time of success and business, millions of products were sold and prosperity was booming. As the decade grew so did prosperity. The people were happy and everyone was out having fun. Women were dressed in short dresses and danced also known as Flappers. Men were out drinking in saloons and in people's basements. Although alcohol was illegal people still drank but secretly. This decade was filled with excitement and fun but also filled with crime and gang activities.

Men and Women waiting in line to go see a film. Was one of the biggest things to do on a Saturday night.

Dancing on a Saturday Night

People having fun worried free dancing with men wearing fancy dresses and they are happy.

Freedom of the music

African Americas performing Jazz for the whites. They do this for a living and love what they do. This is the only way white accepted the blacks.
African Americans protesting for their rights. They wanted the freedom that they where promised too.

Fighting for Freedom

The 1920’s was a time of excitement and enthusiasm, prosperity was booming and everyone was happy. The streets buzzed with cheerful people. Until that one day known as “Black Tuesday” when the stock markets began to crash and the people had lost millions of dollars, their life savings everything. People began to freak out and some even committed suicide. The boom to bust decade was no longer booming. This was a time of despair and sadness. As the decade grew the drop and despair did as well, this had affected a lot of families and businesses. Businesses were forced to close and houses were put on foreclosure because they were unable to pay. Therefore people had to move into hoovervilles also known as a cardboard box or a tent made out of cloth.

The day things went down hill

Was the day that people lost all their money. Stocks started to drop and so did the people.

The start to this disaster

People had started selling personal items to help them because of all the money they had lost all their money in the stock market crash.
A family living in hoovervilles because they are unable to pay for their houses. A family of many children and a mother, father is out looking for work. They look as if they are worried and in despair.

Bank Closure

Many people got affected hard by this time. Men were unable to find jobs and women were stuck at home with their children. When men weren't looking for jobs they were looking for food for their families. They would wait in line for free food while out looking for a job even with little pay or even free food. Families were desperate for anything they could get to make sure their kids are healthy. People had began selling their valuable items and using their life savings. Children began to start working under the age of 16, families would do anything to get money. Most people had sold their cars and homes and still didn't have enough money to support their families.

Banks started to close and money started to drop. Banks where unable to pay back to the people.

Jobs where wanted

Men out looking for work to try and keep his family alive and healthy. They are worried about not being able to find a job and not being able to support their families.

Desperate for money

Men where out looking for jobs and had to sleep on the streets.

The horrible storms

There was a drought which had made everything dry, that caused dust storms. These storms made people every sick and ruined many homes.

Taking any job you could get

Kids where working everywhere trying to get money for their families. People would take any job they could take including their younger children.

FDR's Inspiration

FDR talking to all different radio stations trying to give hope to the people.

The hope to the people

Family gathered around the radio listening to FDR talk about the hope there is to come. This gave the people hope that there is away out of this depression.

In conclusion the 1920’s era and 1930’s era where completely different. 1930’s was the hardest era in all the eras, and affected people in all different ways and emotions. 1920's though was the best decade for many people and was happiness all around until things began to go down hill. After the great depression era people have been more careful than ever and are careful about spending money.

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